Pasco Invitational

April 19, 2014 @ Edgar Brown Stadium in Pasco, WA

Hosted by Pasco Senior High School     Official Meet Web Site


A list of the top ranked high school freshmen performers for the 2014 outdoor season in the United States with links to full national rankings among 9th graders.
MileSplit is on-site with photo and video coverage at the Kansas Relays at KU in Lawrence this weekend along with live stream at Mt. SAC Relays (via Flotrack) and the...
MileSplit was on-site with race video coverage by James Roach from the Pasco Invitational in the state of Washington. A total of 152 MileSplit US national elites were...
MileSplit will be on-site with race video coverage by James Roach at the Pasco Invitational in the state of Washington this weekend. The mile races will feature two big...

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PASCO INVITE-Instructions to Coaches and Athletes

1. There will be many teams and some outstanding individuals in this year's Pasco Invitational. Only one contestant from each school may enter an event. Teams that have been invited to participate can only enter individuals in events where they have met the minimums listed on the Invite Schedule(Personal Best). Exceptions will be considered and schools will be notified by meet management based upon state performances. All athletes and teams will be registered by

2. We have an all weather 10 lane METRIC track and so the following adjustments must be made:

(a) Short spikes(1/4") must be used for all events including the field events. Be sure to bring proper spikes-Spikes will not be on sale on site as in the past.

(b) Metric distances will be run in all events except elite miles. See enclosed schedule for list of events.

(c) Starting blocks will be provided. Schools can use their own blocks if they are checked by the starter. Bring your own javelins, discus, shot puts and batons. Shots, Discus and javelins will be weighed and measured prior to each event. Each instrument will be weighed in the shed behind the shotput ring.

(d) Judges will be on all turns and straight aways(no pacing or picket lines).

3. All National Federation Rules will govern the track meet except for the special ones outlined in these instructions to the coaches. Team Scoring(8 places) will be 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 except for the Regular 1600 will be 6-4-3-2-1 as only the top 5 will place.

4. Heats will be run for time in the Boys and Girls Events of the 400 M Dash, 800 M Run, 300 M. Hurdles and all relays. 3-turn staggers will be used in the 4x400 relays, 2-turn staggers will be used in the 4x100 relay and 400 M Dash, and 1-turn staggers will be used in the 300 m. Hurdles. Teams and Individuals will be placed by time. Only finals will be run in the 1600 and 3200 Meter Run with all runners running together using the 2 group start that we have done in previous years.

5. Preliminaries will be run in the Boys and Girls 100 M Dash, Boys and Girls 200 M Dash, Boys 110 M High Hurdles and Girls 100 M High Hurdles utilizing both sides of the stadium.

(a) Lane drawings will be made by the Pasco Invite Track Meet Committee for all preliminaries. Lane assignments will be based upon the times submitted by the coaches.

(b) The top finisher in each heat of the preliminaries will qualify to run in the finals with the best remaining fastest times of the remaining runners to complete a field of 10 athletes by the following schedules:

(c) The lane assignments from the preliminaries to the finals for all races will be based upon times in preliminaries. The 2 fastest times will be given lanes 5 & 6, next two fastest times will be given lanes 4 & 7, etc filling all lanes.

(d) Ties in best times will be resolved by highest placing in the preliminaries. If ties remain, a coin will be flipped.

6. High Jump for boys will start at 5'10" and will progress at 2" intervals until it reaches 6'4" - then it will move at 1" intervals. The Girls High Jump will start at 4'10" and will progress at 2" intervals until it reaches 5'2" - then it will move at 1" intervals. The Boys Pole Vault will start at 11'6" and move up 6" until it reaches 14' - then it will move up at 3" intervals. The Girls Pole Vault will start at 8' 6" and move up 6" until it reaches 10'-then it will move up at 3" intervals. All Pole Vaulters will be weighed and poles inspected prior to any jumping by the competitor.

7. Flights will be used in the field events of the discus, shot put, javelin, long jump and triple jump. Each contestant will be allowed 3 throws or jumps in the preliminaries which will be run using the "Open Pit Concept" in flights of 8 jumpers or throwers;. Each flight will take 3 jumps or throws until all flights are done. The top 10 contestants will then jump or throw in the finals in the reverse order. There will be 3 tries in the finals. The tries by the contestants will not be consecutive in the finals. The revolving Flight plan as outlined by Federation Rules will be used in the Pole Vault and High Jump. Each individual toss in the Shot Put, Javelin, and Discus will be measured.

8. In the field events all warmups and run-throughs must be completed before the event starts. One run-through will be allowed, before each flight, to each contestant of that flight and one toss to each thrower as warmup. Twenty minutes will be allowed before each event for warmup. An extra run-through will be allowed in the pole vault and high jump if jumper passes more than 5 heights. NO extra practice will be allowed in unused event areas before or after an event.


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