Dave Anderson

A Letter to the Coaches of our Sport Dave Anderson Jun 21, 2007

Having been on the wrong end of his "thievery" more than once in a 20+ year coaching career, it saddens me to see the same sort of transgressions taking place, distrust of the LHSAA office growing , and the remedy appearing to be what I witness here: griping and moaning on how "we" are being done wrong. Fellow lovers of the sport, I am here to tell you that there is an alternative to our complaining and a willing ear is paying attention to you as we speak. The suggestion being made at this time is for " we" the coaches of our beloved sport get together and present solutions to the perceived (or real as in the instance of what I will call the U-High incident) problems that are keeping our sport on the level of a sub-culture activity..... (Read more)