Grannemann holds off Centralia field


Grannemann holds off Centralia field
Friday, September 8, 2006 11:01 AM PDT

Cross Country

By The Daily World staff

CENTRALIA — Hoquiam's Tess Grannemann withstood a stiff challenge to win the girls portion of the Centralia Cross Country Jamboree on Thursday at Fort Borst Park.

The Hoquiam senior, clocked in 12:25.4 for a short 2-mile course, edged Centralia's Torin Shriver by four-tenths of a second.

"Tess did a nice job of separating herself the last mile, then held (Shriver) off in a tight finish," Grizzly coach Kevin Gary reported. "In our league, that's probably going to be Tess' best competition overall."

Hoquiam freshman Kelsey Williams was third among the girls.

Gabe Tippery led a Centralia sweep of the first three places in the boys meet. Roy Stansell was Hoquiam's top male finisher, placing sixth.

Centralia captured team honors in both the boys and girls meets. The Tigers had the only complete girls team.

The Grizzlies will compete in Hoquiam's Reynvaan Run on Saturday, then will take part in the Steilacoom Invitational on Sept. 16.


Centralia 16, Hoquiam 32,

R.A. Long 82.

1. Gabe Tippery (Cent) 11:01. 2. Jacob Ehlers (Cent) 11:25. 3. Michael Warren (Cent) 11:46.

Hoquiam finishers: 6. Roy Stansell 11:52. 8. Dustyn Moir 11:57. 10. Colby Root, 12:14. 11. Drew Grannemann 12:24. 12. Keith Noren 12:24.


1. Tess Grannemann (Hoq 12:25.4. 2. Torin Shriver (Cent) 12:25.8. 3. Kelsey Williams (Hoq) 13:30.

Hoquiam finishers: 5. Nychele Carley 15:04. 19. Crystal Greer 22:49.

Ocosta girls sweep

WESTPORT — Ocosta girls swept the top three places in a five-school cross country meet Thursday at Westport.

Wildcat sophomore Natalie Bollen won the girls meet, completing the 2.9-mile course in 20:55. Teammates Brianna Dueber and Ria Boren-Albrecht placed second and third, respectively.

"We did very well for an opening meet," said Ocosta coach Rich Swiergula. "I was extremely pleased that the girls ran 1-2-3."

Ocosta's boys and Mossyrock's girls fielded the only complete teams.

Mossyrock's Bryce Lindley took boys individual honors with a time of 18:12.

Sophomore Taylor Webb, running his first-ever cross country meet, led the Ocosta male contingent with a seventh-place finish in 20:01.

The Wildcats will host their own invitational on Saturday.


1. Bryce Lindley (Mossyrock) 18:12, 2.9. 2. C.J. Wotysink (Roch). 3. Kai Holten (CR). 4. Robert Thoman (Roch). 5. Spenser Scott (Roch).

Ocosta runners: 7. Taylor Webb. 11. Nainoa Kuni. 12. Charles Rolen. 14. Michael Atkinson. 16. Cory McLean.


1. Natalie Bollen (Oco) 20:55. 2. Brianna Dueber (Oco). 3. Ria Boren-Albrecht (Oco). 4. Connie Heermann (Tac. Baptist). 5. Olivia Wilson (Tac. Baptist).