PASCO 2007 - They Run To Win-



When teams are training during the summer, state is the ultimate goal.  The chance to compete in this race will drive an athlete out of bed at five in the morning to run 10 miles.  But at the end of a season only a few teams will achieve their goal.  Many teams are satisfied with just qualifying, but teams like North West Christian (1B/2B), Royal (1A), and Mead (4A) are not satisfied with just qualifying they run to win.


            Joscelyn Minton of North West Christian dominated the Girls B race.  Her time of 19:14 was enough to win by nearly 20 seconds.  After being a favorite in last year’s race and coming up one place short to Lisa Vandenburg, Minton decided to go out on top her senior year.  Although it was evident that she was thrilled with her individual title, you could tell that the team title meant much more.  The girls at North West Christian back to back 1st place finishes are impressive, and with four runners returning for next year there is a realistic shot at a three peat.


            The feel-good story of the day goes to Humberto and Rigoberto Jimenez; the brothers took 1st and 2nd place for the second year in a row with a time of 16:18.  As the “Berto Brothers” came down the final stretch they were stride for stride, going for the identical time planned before the race, but sibling rivalry prevailed as Humberto leaned ahead at the finish line.  The brothers started running as 6th graders and the work has paid off, their 1-2 finish propelled Royal to a 4 point victory over Lakeside (Nine mile).


            In a blistering 15:39 Miles Unterreiner turned in the fasted time of the day.  But all he could ask after the race was how his team did.  After another reporter incorrectly informed Miles that his team, Gig Harbor, had overtaken Mead he said, “it has been our season-long goal to beat the eastside schools.  I’m glad it could finally happen.”  But the 20 year streak stays in tack with Mead winning by a slim margin of 4.