Jazmine Redmon

Whew! All season long I have been trying to catch up with Mead’s Jazmine Redmon. You think it would be easy to catch up with the multi-event, muti-sport star but I just kept missing her. After she completed one event she would hustle off to compete in another. I was finally able to catch up with her or more like she slowed down to take time to talk to me.


Redmon truly embodies her philosophy of “try everything” participating in soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and track in the spring picking up honors in all three sports. She was named to the GSL All League Soccer Team last fall and selected as the Defensive MVP. In Basketball she has been All League, All State, All World…since her freshman year picking up eleven All League, Regional, and State honors including two GSL MVP awards. She led the Panthers to a second place finish at the State Tournament this past winter. This spring she earned All GSL honors with her District titles in the 400 meters, long jump, and 4x400. At the 4A State Meet she scored big points in the Panther’s championship run placing second in the 400, fifth in the long jump, running on the winning 4x400 relay, and sixth place 4x200 relay.

There is no rest for Redmon, after graduating from Mead this weekend she is headed to Gonzaga University to play basketball for the Bulldogs (I’m sure Jazmine will be bored playing just one sport maybe Coach Tyson should contact her about track? Heptathlon?)


Can you tell us a little about your team?


“We have a pretty big team, bigger than last year’s team but it is still pretty close. After the graduation of last year’s seniors we were now the leaders. It was weird, we never saw ourselves as leaders. We learned a lot and Dori (Coach Robertson) helped.”


How did Coach Robertson help?


“Dori is Dori, she is great. She is very understanding and knows people make mistakes. We just apologize then move on.”


Your sister Jade is also on the team, how is that?


“We are equally competitive and supportive. Sometime we bump heads and argue at practice, like sisters do, but get over it and move on.”


What it your team’s goal to win the State title?


“Yes, after last year’s third place finish we wanted to win this year.”


When did you start participating in track?


“They only had cross-country in elementary so did summer track a little. Then I sprinted and high jumped in junior high.” 


What is your favorite event?


“I love the excitement of the 4x400 because it is the last event and you run as a team. I like coming down the final straight-away with a lead and handing off to Baylee (Mires.)”


What is your memorable meet?


“We went to Arcadia (California) as team this year and it was fun being their together. It was amazing to see all these fast kids and here we were from little Spokane. We were 5th in the 4x400.”


Do you participate in other sports/activities?


“I did volleyball when I was younger but now just basketball and soccer.”


Where are you going to school next year?


“I am going to GU to play basketball. I hope to step right in and not redshirt. It would be great if we could make it back to the NCAA tournament.”


What is your favorite class/subject?


“I like all my classes this year…probably Math, and Advanced Creative Writing with Dori.”


What is your favorite band/singer?


“I like everything.”


What is your favorite movie?


“The Hangover” and “Coach Carter”


Do you have any words of wisdom or bits of advise for other athletes?


“Try everything; you never know what you will be good at”