Maddie Meyers � Can Do Attitude

This last weekend Maddie Meyers from The Northwest School in Seattle headed back to North Carolina to run the mile at New Balance Nationals. Meyers was fresh off her victory and record setting performance the week before in the Jim Ryun Dream Mile where she ran 4:41.93. The New Balance race ended up being a slow tactical race where she finished second in a massive sprint to the line. Despite finishing second and not getting a PR, Meyers was still incredibly positive and upbeat about running, racing, the future…life.

New Balance Nationals - Photo by John Olson



I had a chance to chat with her about her amazing sophomore season and what is next for her…



Let’s start with last week’s race. You are now the best sophomore and second best 1600 meter runner ever in Washington. Can you talk a little about the race?



“Wow I didn’t know that! I was really excited to be there with all those fast girls. I didn’t have a specific goal but was happy just to be there and hoped to PR. I just wanted to see how the race went. I didn’t wear my watch and didn’t worry about splits. When I got done I didn’t realize I had run that fast. I didn’t know what to do after the race.”


Do you normally wear a watch?



“Sometimes, but it freaks me out when I don’t hit my splits.”


You got to meet Jim Ryun? How was that?



“That was really exciting. He talked to us the night before the race and told us about racing, and breaking 4:00 in the mile. He was a really laid back guy.”


You ran great freshman times (4:57 and 11:02) but this year you have really burst on the national scene. What did you do differently before your sophomore year?



“Surprisingly not much really. I have never run more than 40 miles a week and my coach wants me to take it easy so I have room for improvement. I did have more base than last year because of indoor track and we focused more on speed work than my freshman year.”


It has been three weeks since State, how have you stayed sharp and motivated in that time?



“It has been a little hard. My teammates were all excited about being done after State. I have been working out with Club Northwest (a Seattle running club) and that been great. They have helped me get pumped up for the races after State.”



Where do you go from here (goals next year?)



“Now I am going to small camps to get ready for cross-country. Next year I hope to repeat as 1A State Champion, but there is an eighth grader coming into our league that is really good. I want to make it back to Footlocker Nationals and place in the top 20, and hopefully run under 18:00 on that course.”


I saw in your season stats that you long jumped, and threw the shot and javelin, was that for fun or for the team?



“I like to try new things. So when I have a chance I will do other events.”


Can you tell us a little about your school and team?



“Northwest is a small private school on Capital Hill in Seattle. Our team is pretty small but it is great. We are very close and stick together.”


When did you start running?



“I did track in 6th grade at Northwest but didn’t do much with it. I joined cross-country my freshman year in the fall and track in the spring.”


Does anyone else in your family run?



“No I am the first person in my family to run.”


What is your favorite hard workout?



“I really like mile repeats. It is one of those workouts I don’t want to do before but it feels good when you are done because you worked really hard. It is great; everyone encourages each other during the workout. In cross-country we did them at parks or on grass, and in track we did them a few times on the track.”


What is your most memorable race?



“The Jim Ryun Dream Mile, it was such a big race and a great experience.”


Do you participate in other activities?



“I played basketball my freshman year but ran indoor track this year. I also snowboard in the winter and I play trumpet in the band. Our school is really into Ultimate Frisbee; we play in a league so I have played a few times. It is a big deal.”



What is your favorite class/subject?



“Humanities…they combine the humanities classes together (History, English…) which makes it really interesting.”



What is your favorite band/singer?



“I like everything. I have really random stuff on my I-pod The Black Eyed Peas, MGMT, Taylor Swift… When I have time before a race I will put it on shuffle and listen.”


What is your favorite movie?



“Now and Then, it is about four girls and their stories. I also like Stand by Me.”


Do you have any words of wisdom of bits and advice for other runner?



“Have fun running and racing and take time to grow. Don’t push yourself too early. Enjoy being with teammates and trying new things. Try to do your best but don’t worry if you have a bad race. You will have bad races along with the good ones; just move on after the race is done.”