Other Foot Locker West Races

    It seems that most people think of Foot Locker West in terms of the seeded races and, although it is only in those preeminent events, that one can qualify for the national race in San Diego there is a great deal of racing, which takes place on Saturday.  It is yet another wonderful aspect of the event, that there is a wealth of opportunity for runners of all levles.   Comment had already been made that Karlie Garcia, the defending champion in the girls' seeded race, had opted to compete in the Girls' Junior-Senior race, which she won with a time of 19:22.  Placing second in that race was Emily Orton of Utah, who ran 19:36.   Northwest fans were represented by Cheryn Trapp of Nampa, Idaho, who finished third in the event with a time of 20:00.   The senior harrier earned a beautiful medal for her efforts, which we can be sure will be proudly remembered through the years.   
    Just in that race alone there were 224 runners, so third place is quite an accomplishment.  While Cheryn topped the list of NW runners, she had plenty of company as she took on the challenge  of the vaunted Mt. SAC course including Diseanna Kilgore of Pocatello, who ran 20:52 (19th) & Mckensie Gardner of Idaho, who ran 21:29 & placed fortieth.  other area runners included Qunincy Van Orden (50 - 21:41) of Idaho, Leslie Hyde (60 - 22:00) of idaho, Stephanie Bachman of Pocatello (73 - 22:19) of Pocatello, Reagan Anderton of Idaho (78 - 22:25) and Leah Cawthorn of Kodiak, Alaska who placed 100 -  22:57.
    There was a combined 7th & 8th grade race at two miles for both girls & guys, which was won by Christian Richets of California in 9:51.  Malachi Armstrong, the younger brother of Elijah who placed eleventh in the boys' seeded race, claimed third with 10:03.   That race did not include a final 300 meter on the track, which caught the young Armstrong a bit by surprise, yet it was a stellar effort.  Also running in that race was Danielle Van Lith of Caldwell, Idaho, who finished 54th in 11:59. There were 127 runners just in this race.
     The Freshman-Sophomore girls' race had a northwest presence even though it was won by Rachel Dela Cruz of California in 19:04.   Pendleton, oregon freshman Delaney Clem ran 20:25 to place 24th.  Madie Kelm of Pendleton followed in 65th (21:55) and Cheyenne Carey, also from Pendleton, came in 85th with 22:26.   Courtney Comrie & Taryn Sokoloski also ran in that race for pendleton, while Maraih Todd of Caldwell, Idaho also took part.   The field numbered 239 runners.       Joseph Berriatua of Claifornia scored in the Junior-Senior boys' race but Caleb Moosman of Driggs, Idaho placed 23rd in 17:24.   Julian McCarthy of Kodiak finished 47th in 17:42 and Alex Schmidt of Idaho Falls came in 135th. There was a large contingent from all over the northwest including Thomas Knight, Treyson Sperry, Alan Borschel & Gage Simonson of idaho & Caleb Montgomery of Pendleton to name just a few.  This was a large field with 403 runners.
     A large field of 362 challenged the course and the Freshman-Sophomore boys with Devon Reed of California earning the triumph.   Micah Faulks of Idaho (118) and Wilhelm Sitz of Pendleton (248) represented the northwest along with Bryson Spratling & Nate Rickman of Pendleton.   It should be noted that all the races, which cover the standard 5K course, can contributeto the state team scoring, which is based upon time and it was only two years ago that Pendleton runners provided the bulk of the scoring for Oregon and they did so once again this year. It says a great deal to me to uphold tradition and also having the willingness to challenge a classic course but there is far more than simply running, for most, who come here also sample the California scene, which has much to offer but more on that a bit later.  In the end, although the weather may not have been perfect, Foot Locker West was a wonderful experience.