Olympic League Primer


Bremerton Knights

Coach: Lloyd Pugh, ninth year (37th year overall)

Last year: 0-6

Top returners: Boys — Alex Griffin, 100, 200, 400, relays, jr.; Jamaree Wells, 100, relays, long jump, triple jump, jr.; Tyler Sechrest, high jump, relays, sr.; Alonzo Harris, 200, 400, relays, sr.; Kris Jones, pole vault, sr. Girls — Jacki Hill, 100, 200, 400, relays, jr.; Christina Lawrence, long jump, relays, sr.; Angela Anderson, pole vault, hurdler, jr.; Stephanie Himmelsbach, high jump, hurdles, soph.; Lorna Kimple, javelin, soph.

Newcomers: Boys — Jake Surratt, hurdles, soph.; John Wittenberg, shot put, discus, hammer throw, jr.; David Fry, 1600, 3200, soph.

Outlook: Bremerton has struggled to stay competitive, but that may change some this year because the Knights are competing in the combined Class 3A/2A Olympic League. "That’s probably a good thing for us as a team," said Pugh, "but it’s not good for us individually because only two people make it out of sub-district to district this year. Last year we had seven." Hill, who has starred in the sprints since her freshman year, should again shine. As should Griffin, in the sprints, and Sechrest in the high school. And Pugh hopes by the time sub-district comes along he’ll have a relay team ready to move on to district.

Klahowya Eagles

Coaches: Leo Suzuki, fourth year, Bob Detwiler, first year

Last year: Girls second in district, boys fifth

Top returners: Boys — Sam Rucker, 200, 400, 1600 relay, sr.; John Rarig, 200, 1600 relay, long jump, sr.; Noah Caffery, 1600, 3200, jr.; Anthony Orkiolla, 800, 1600, 3200, sr.; Ben Dekock, javelin, sr.; Nick Morgan, discus, pole vault, sr.; Paul Kelly, shot put, soph. Girls — Sheree Kuehl, 200, 400, 1600 relay, sr.; Sarah Dawson, 200, 400,1600 relay, sr.; Jenna Adams, 200,1600 relay, sr.; Anna Grummel, 400, 1600 relay, sr.; Sierra Cook, 1600, 3200, jr.; Christina Rase, 1600, sr.; Tiffony Gruenhagen, shot put, sr.; Sharon Cox, long jump, jr.; Brittany Corley, 100 hurdles, jr.; Serenity Jensen, high jump, soph.

Newcomers: Boys — Cody Shaputis, 100, 200, frosh. Girls — Rebekka Schell, 100, 200, 1600 relay, frosh; Maile All, 100 hurdles, frosh.; Jessica Cantu, 800, 1600, frosh.

Outlook: The Eagles program appears to be on the upswing. There were 52 athletes out for early workouts, including senior sprinter Rucker, the defending Class 2A state champion in the 100 and 200. Rucker will concentrate on the 400 this spring, the event he’s likely to run in college. Also returning are Dekock, Morgan, Cox and Cook, all who competed at state. Cook placed 8th at state in the 1,600 and Cox, who holds the school record in the long jump at 16-3.5, took sixth in the state in that event. There is more depth on the girls side. Coach Suzuki is hoping the girls 1,600 relay team will also make state.

North Mason Bulldogs

Coach: Jeff Bevers (boys coach), sixth year, Karen Johnson, (girls coach).

Top returners: Boys — J.P. Webb, 100, 200, 400, sr.; Josh Getty, 1600, 3200, 4x400 relay, sr.; Micah Zech, pole vault, sr. Girls — Lauren Carey, 800, soph.; Erika Vandling, shot put, discus, jr.; Kristen Huddle, 4x400 relay, soph.; Samantha Hull, pole vault, soph..

Newcomers: Boys — Daniel Baker, javelin, hurdles, soph.; John Fullington, shot put, discus, 300 hurdles, soph.; Logan Hart, 200, 400, jr.; Brian Williams, 100, 200, soph.; Corey Calligan, 400, soph.; Sean Allison, 100, 200, sprinter. Girls — Heather Colson, 200, 400, frosh.; Amy Wilson, discus, javelin, soph.

Outlook: The Bulldogs are young, but have a lot of talent. "We have quite a bit of potential," said Bevers. "If we can get things to come together, and that’s a big if, of course, we could make it to the state track meet." The Bulldogs were shut out from state last year, the first time in four years that happened. Bevers expects big things from his team leader, senior Webb, who was at state in the sprints as a sophomore and missed by one spot each in the 100 and 200. Bevers also said that Colson, Baker and Fullington could do well this year.

Olympic Trojans

Coach: Greg Chapman, 10th year.

Top returners: Boys — Vic Chatman, hurdles, relays, sr.; Brandon Fisher, 100, 200, relays, sr.; Tao Smith, 100, 200, relays, jr.; Andy Wagner, 1600, 3200, sr. Girls — Jillian Lorena, 100, 400, jr.; Rene Thorne, shot put, discus, jr.

Newcomers: Boys — Phillip Nord, shot put, discus, soph.; Travis Quinn, hurdles, soph.; Davon Gibson, 100, 200, relays, jr. Girls — Brianca Fisher, 100, 200, soph.; Alesha Howard, 100, 200, hurdles, soph.

Outlook: The Trojans were down in numbers by 20 from last year, with only 44 out for early workouts. There is little depth on the boys side. "I have no idea why we’re down," said Chapman. "All the other spring sports teams are low, also." There are some talented athletes out, however, including Smith, a running back in football and a top sprinter. And the boys 400 relay team, which early consisted of Smith, Fisher, Chatman (who should also do well in the hurdles) and Gibson, has the high expectations of Chapman, who said the Trojans will be competitive within league.

Peninsula Seahawks

Coach: Dan Sutich, third year

Last year: Girls were undefeated and won the Seamount League; boys were third in league.

Top returners: Boys — Dylan Hall, 800, 1600, 3200, sr.; Jayde. Delgado, shot put, discus, sr.; Mark Massey, pole vault, sr.; Jack Halley, 100, 200, 400, relays, sr.; Andy O’Brien, 100, 200, 400, relays, sr. Girls — Kyly Rutherford, long jump, triple jump, sr.; Jessica Erickson, hurdles, sr.; Amanda Peterson, javelin, sr.; Kelsey Williams, hurdler, relays, soph.; Hannah Gilman, 100, 200, relays, soph.; Melissa Foss, 100, 200, relays, jr.

Newcomers: Girls — Rachael Cox, high jump, frosh. Boys: Justin Allard, javelin, jr.

Outlook: There were over 100 athletes out for early workouts. The Seahawks will be a league contender within the Olympic League, but Sutich said, "We’re taking nothing for granted. We know Port Angeles, Bremerton and Olympic are coming down from 4A and they have solid programs with good coaching."

Port Angeles Roughriders

Coach: Bob Sheedy, girls coach; Dwayne Johnson, boys coach.

Top returners: Boys — Kyle Acheson, hurdles, sr.; Seth Kajsasz, shot put, sr.; Owen Kajsasz, 400, triple jump, jr.; Josh Gailey, pole vault, 100,200, sr.; T.J. Lynam, javelin, 100, 200, pole vault, sr.; Thomas Christian, 800, 1600, 3200, jr.; Seth Smith, 1600, 3200, jr. Girls — Dani Weatherbee, pole vault, triple jump, long jump, sr.; Kaylee Baumstark, shot put, discus, javelin sr.; Shelby Napiontek, 100, 200, relays, hurdles, soph.; Jessie Haguewood, javelin, sr.

Newcomers: Boys — David Ottersetter, 100, 200, hurdles, frosh.; Nick Peterson, 100, 200, frosh.; Josh Sanford, discus, shot put, sr. Girls – Katie Moriarty, 1600, 3200, soph.; Kelly Hennessey, 1600, 3200, soph.

Outlook: The Roughriders will be young on the girls side (20 freshmen out of 35 on the roster). "This is going to be a growing year," said Sheedy, who has been coaching at PA since 1972, although he retired from teaching in 2002. There is more experience in the boys program, including Acheson who last year set the school’s 300 hurdle record at 41.9.

Port Townsend Redskins

Coach: Kevin Sanford, 13th year

Last year: Boys were seventh at districts; girls sixth

Top returners: Boys — Tyler Buckham, high jump, 1600 relay, 400, sr.; Kevin Rubio, 100, 200, 400 relay, 1600 relay, jr.; Quinton Decker, 1600, 3200, 1600 relay, soph.; Storm Harder, 200, 400, 1600 relay, soph.; Zack Kimball, long jump, triple jump, sr. Girls — Brittany Bolling, 1600 and 1600 relay, jr.; Calyn Meister, 800 relay, 200, high jump, sr.; Cecily Rennie, 400, 800, 800 relay, 1600 relay, jr.; Christine Ciely, 800 and 1600 relay, jr.; Kelsey Caudebeck, discus, shot put, sr.; Stacey Walker, long jump, triple jump, sr.;

Newcomers: Boys – Aaron Gladspell, 100, 200, 400 relay, jr.; Andy Palmer, shot put, discus, jr.; Jaydee Dodd, 800, 1600, soph. Girls — Breanna Hemsley, 100, 200, 400 relay, 800 relay, frosh.; Claire Foden, 100, 200, 400 relay, frosh.; Susan Tweedy, 100, 200, jr.

Outlook: Sanford expects his girls team to compete well in the Olympic League. The boys team, he said, has some holes in the throws and pole vault (the Redskins don’t have a pole vault mat so don’t compete in the event). "Quinton Decker should get to state in the 1,600, and maybe the 3,200," said Sanford.

Sequim Wolves

Coach: Brad Moore, 13th year

Last year: Boys were Nisqually League champions at 12-0, 15-1 overall; the girls were and second in league at 11-1, 15-1 overall.

Top returners: Boys — Steven Alves, 100, long jump, soph.; Shane Dinius, 800, 1600, sr.; Colin Haenel, discus, sr.; James Henning, javelin, sr.; Corey Parrish, 100, 200, 400, sr. Girls — Jenny Blenk, hurdles, sr.; Stephanie Marcy, 800, 1600, 3200, 1600 relay, sr.; Carolina Garcia 400, jr.; Lauryn Garrett, hurdles, long jump, soph.; Kelsey Langston, javelin, jr.; Laura Moser, 1600, 3200, soph.; Persephone Nelson, 100, 200, 800 relay, 1600 relay, soph.; Hannah Ohnstad, 800, 1600, 3200, sr.; Alex Sele, long jump, triple jump, high jump, soph.; Heather Smith, 800, 1600, 3200, sr.; Summer Steenberg, pole vault, sr.; Anna Wilmot, hurdles, jr.; Megan Zumbuhl, 400, 800 relay, 200, 1600 relay, soph.

Newcomers: Boys — Chris Consoliver, javelin, 1600, 3200, soph.; David Copeland, pole vault, soph.; Jordan Garrett, long jump, triple jump, high jump, sr.; Kincaid Nichols, 100, 200, soph. Girls – Megan Brockelby, hurdles, soph.; Christina Bruce, 3200, soph.; Anna Lebeaume, shot put, 1600 relay, frosh.; Morgan Shattuck, high jump, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, frosh.; Melissa Zumbuhl, javelin, sr.;

Outlook: Moore believes his team, especially the girls, will challenge the bigger schools in the Class 3A/2A Olympic League. Marcy won the girls Class 2A state cross country championship in the fall, and took third in the 3,200 and fifth in the 1,600 at the state last year (she holds the school record in both events).


Bainbridge Spartans

Coach: Andy Grimm, ninth season

Top returners: Boys — Quinton Agosta, discus, high jump, triple jump, sr.; Cheyne Clark , pole vault, hurdles, jr.; Zach Cram, discus, long jump, sr.; Austin Hallett, 400, 800, 1600 relay, jr.; Dane Hiatt, pole vault, hurdles, sr.; Devan Taylor, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 1600 relay, sr.; Patrick Wauters, 400, 1600 relay, sr. Girls — Lizzy Brackett, 100, 200,400, relays, jr.; Emily Farrar, 1600, jr.; Theresa Johansen, discus, shot put, javelin, jr.; Kellie McKenzie, 1600, sr.; Morgan Nottingham, 100, 200, 400, relays, sr.; Molly O’Keefe, 800, jr.; Tess Sadowsky, hurdles, sr.; Maddy Sheldon, 100, 200, 400, relays, soph.; Maren Swanson, discus, high jump, 1600 relay, sr.

Newcomers: Boys — Gabe Culkin, shot put, sr.; Greg Nance 800, 1600 relay, sr. Girls — Jessica Stahl, 1600, sr.; Anne Taylor, 1600, frosh.

Outlook: Agosta and Clark have good chance placing at state in their best events, discus and pole vault respectively. Agosta, the Spartans quarterback in football, has gone over 150 in the discus and Clark has gone 14 feet in the pole vault in practice. "Our district is the toughest in the state to get out of," said Grimm. "If you make it in the top five at the district, you have a great chance to place in state." The 1,600 relay of Hallett, Taylor, Nance and Wauters has a chance, Grimm said, of breaking the school record of 3:21.0 set in 2003 while finishing second at state.


Central Kitsap Cougars

Coach: Mark Ward

Last year: Boys were 30th at districts

Top returners: Boys — Kyler Ackerman, long jump, triple jump; Eric Dore, 100, 200; Robbin Harris, long jump, triple jump; Cascade Herriott, 1600, 3200; Bryan Johnson, pole vault; John Lillig, shot put, discus; Brian Rulloda, 100, 200; Brandon Salley, javelin; Rustin Winger, 1600, 3200. Girls — Alexa Andrews, shot put, discus; Kate Berni, 800; Cassidy Cole, 100, 200; Lynette Gordon, 100, 200, long jump, triple jump; Lindsey Hart, 100, 200, long jump, triple jump; Danae Jergenson, 100, 200; Danielle Karrman, pole vault; Alyssa Peckenpaugh, 100, 200; Melanie Simms, 100, 200; Sam Sudy, 100, 200, long jump, triple jump.

Top Newcomers: Boys — Albert Dancel, 100, 200; Kameron Harvey-Tamplin, hurdles; Dominic Miller, 100, 200; Shawn McBride, 100, 200, long jump, triple jump; Phillip Thomas, 100, 200, long jump, triple jump; Sean Walker, 100, 200, hurdles. Girls — Ava Aufderheide, hurdles; Maggie Crow, 1600, 3200; Vienna Gilman, long jump, triple jump; Chelsea Raulsome, 1600, 3200; Alli Rue, 100, 200, long jump, triple jump, hurdles; Brittany Siegrist, 1600, 3200; Tina Woldberg, 100, 200.

Outlook: The Cougars are young. "(But) with that youth come a lot of enthusiasm and talent," said Ward. "Right now it is just a matter of seeing where all of the pieces fit together." The Cougars are deep in the distances. "We appear to have a more well-rounded team than in the past," said Ward. "As always, our focus is on setting personal records and using the tough competition we get from the Narrows League to try and qualify as many people as possible for the postseason."

Gig Harbor Tides

Coach: Kevin Eager fourth season.

Last year: Boys, second in state; girls, 13th in state.

Top returners: Boys — Charlie Williams, 800, 1600, sr.; Miles Untereinner, 1600, 3200, sr.; Toney Henderson, long jump, sr.; Jeff Timmons, pole vault, jr.; Nick Lackman, pole vault, sr.; Girls — Melissa Peaslee, pole vault, hurdles sr.; Kesslee Payne, 800, 1600, 3200, 1600 relay, sr.; Megan O’Riley, 3600, sr.; Amanda Andrews, 1600, 3200, sr.; Anna Kalbrener, 800, 1600, jr.; Hanna Marsh, hurdles, sr.; Bree LeRoy, hurdles, long jump, high jump, jr.; Erin Hacker, high jump, sr.; Toni Thompson, 100, 200, sr.; Brittany Schroeder, 400, soph.

Newcomers: Girls — Josie Graybeal, hurdles, high jump, frosh.

Outlook: Eager said that it’s a bit of a rebuilding year for the boys, but he still thinks that they’re capable of competing for a state trophy. Henderson has won two state titles in the jumps, and Williams, Untereinner and Timmons all medaled at state last year. But it’s the girls team, he said, that has the best chance. "In 2005, our boys team kinda came out of nowhere to win the state title," Eager said. "Our girls team has similar kind of depth." Eager said that Olympia, Bellarmine Prep and Richland are also favorites.

North Kitsap Vikings

Coach: Dave Snyder, fourth year as girls coach; Kaelea Makaiwi-Barreith, third year as boys coach.

Last year: Boys finished 11th in state.

Top returners: Boys — Greg Ottele, 100, 200, 400 relay, jr.; Cody Bradwell, 1600, 1600 relay, sr.; Aaron Bilbao, pole vault, jr.; Nick Cameron, 800, 1600 relay, jr.; Mike Ferrell, 400 relay, triple jump, long jump, jr.; Devin Gottschalk, shot put, discus, javelin, sr.; Ray Reedy, 3200, 1600 relay, jr.; Zac Simmons, 400, 1600 relay, sr. Girls — KC Fossum, high jump, triple jump, 1600 relay, sr.; Jennifer Gregg, 400, 1600 relay, jr.; Kelly Cates, 1600 relay, 800, jr.; Jade Niemeyer, shot put, javelin, sr.; Jody Mitchell, 100, 200, sr.

Newcomers: Boys — Spencer Haley, shot put, discus, javelin, sr.; Alex Vandeen, shot put, discus, javelin, soph.; Julian Gonzalez-Macleery, 100, 200, 400 relay, 1600 relay, sr.; Josh Byers, hurdles, soph.; Nathan Hirsch, hurdles, soph. Girls — Michelle Lloyd, javelin, soph.; Kelle Taplin, discus, javelin, soph.

Outlook: The boys lost about 50 athletes as about 56 showed for early workouts. The girls program is holding steady at about 30. Even though the Vikings are young, Snyder expects his girls to be good competitors. "We should make a good run in league," he said. Snyder said the 1600 relay team will be strong. Makaiwi-Barreith said she has quality athletes on the boys side, including junior sprinter Ottele and senior miler Bradwell.

South Kitsap Wolves

Coach: Joanne Warren, second year

Last year: Boys 22nd at district; girls did not place

Top returners: Boys — Cedric Carter, 100, 200, sr.; Renard Williams, shot put, discus, sr.; Nick Taylor, javelin, sr.; Stephen Tucker, 100, 200, jr.; Trevor Boaz, 800, 1600, sr.; Kyle Stolt, 3200, sr.; Carl Welch, discus, javelin, sr. Girls — Armeena DeWalt, 100, 200, sr.; Marie Spiker, 1600, 3200, sr.; Britta Peterson, 1600, 3200, jr.; Rachel Barale, shot put, discus, jr.; Cera Olson, hurdles, sr.; Rachel Frank, long jump, triple jump, high jump, sr.; Lindsey Porter, pole vault, jr.

Newcomers: Boys — Jon Phillips, 800, 1600, soph.; David Parker, high jump, long jump, triple jump, sr.; Dan Nadeau, long jump, high jump, triple jump, soph.

Outlook: The Wolves’ boys team, led by Carter and Williams, both of whom will play football in college (Carter at Idaho, Williams at Eastern Washington), are very strong, said Warren. "I think the boys are league contenders, but I’m knocking on wood," she said. It was a down year for the Wolves last year as only Williams and Taylor made it to state. "It was my first year and I think we all learned a lot," said Warren. There were 105 athletes out this year for SK.


Chimacum Cowboys

Coach: Tim O’Brien, third year

Last year: Boys third in district; four boys and two girls to state.

Top returners: Boys — Craig Breithaupt, 800, 1600, sr.; Matt Kilmer, discus, sr.; Jeremy Anderson, 1600, 3200, jr.; Aaron Schmidt, long jump, sr.; Tristen Kilmer, javelin, jr. Girls — Syndey Jensen, discus, soph.

Newcomers: Boys — Gerrett VanOtten, shot put, discus, sr. Girls — Ashley Lynes, 1600, 3200, high jump, soph.

Outlook: O’Brien said he has 41 athletes out this year, which he said is pretty good considering the facilities at the school. "We don’t have an all-weather track, just dirt around the oval," he said. "Basically, when it rains it turns into mud. It kinda looks like the Kentucky Derby when it rains. ... I’m kinda like a used-card salesman each spring trying to get kids to turn out." Many have not competed since middle school, or not at all. Breithaupt ran 2:02.7 in the 800 last year to break the school record. He placed ninth at state. "I’m hoping he will run under two minutes," O’Brien said.


King’s West Warriors

Coach: Dan Dittmer, sixth year (35th year of coaching)

Last year: boys and girls were second in league to Tacoma Baptist, which won state.

Top returners: Boys — Doug Hein, shot put, discus, javelin, pole vault, sr.; Matt Yourek, 1600, 3200, sr.; Colin Mange, pole vault, soph. Girls — Michelle Webster, shot put, pole vault, relays, jr.; Megan Smith, relays, soph.; Rachel Smith, pole vault, sr.; Lakiesha Nilles, relays, javelin, triple jump, jr.; Irene Moore, 300 hurdles, relays, soph.; Chloe Mosey, discus, sr.

Newcomers: Liz Johnson, triple jump, long jump, soph.

Outlook: The boys team is mostly composed of freshmen and sophomores, but the girls program has five athletes who went to state last year — Webster, Megan Smith, Rachel Smith, Nilles and Moore. "We expect them to be pretty good," Dittmer said.