Mile Unterreiner at Sunfair

Miles Unterreiner at Subfaur

Miles Unterreiner has been lurking right behind the center stage main curtain for several years. It appears he was using this time to study the current heavyweights, in preparation for this year.

You always saw Miles’ name on the top lists of the right races, everyone heard of him, some people could even recognize him.

He told me what he really liked about running,’ the process provided success on its own.’

Many runners know this, you show up, you do your workouts, you run, you get older, in 4 years your time comes and you find yourself pretty good. The process has a life of it’s own, you get on and take the ride, one step in front of the other.

Miles steady growth in the Washington HS Track and Cross Country world has been a testament to this.

At some point the elite runners, Miles included, discover, in stead of just going on the ride, at times you begin to see ways to control the ride, drive a little, press the gas on your own. At this point the good runners become great runners.

Miles stated to take control of his journey this summer. At this point he looked at what was happening, looked at his slow but noticeable growth in ability and notoriety, and decided to really make it happen.

Mile began to prepare for this season, this past summer by running....

A deliberate build up to high miles, summer running camps, team drive.

Acting like an athlete in preparation for the top Miles has found himself firmly at the top.

The plan for Sunfair,

Get in the race, don’t expect to win, be prepared for anything. Respect the other runners. In a year like this, full of potential, anyone could show up at any race and serve it up.

Miles planned to do his homework on the first mile, be conservative, do the math and plug things in .

After a conservative first mile , he put the heat on at the natural point of the 1 mile terraces. He put a surge on opened a lead of about 30 seconds and kept the heat on for the rest of the race.

300 meter from the end, Rob Webster of Puyallup, put on a final surge in an attempt to catch him. Miles in the true form of an athlete who has learned well, knows himself and respects his competitors, sensed the assault, put on a final push and brought home a 10 sec victory to a throng of cheering fans.

Miles finished with a 15:13.1 behind a 15:23.1 second place time.

In an undeniable testament to his athletic acumen, Miles ran 3 nearly perfect miles. 5:03/5:04/5:03 . A dream race, showing oversight, control, understanding of yourself and the guy trying to beat you.



Miles has learned his lessons well, from the perfect observation post just behind the main stage curtain, for the past couple of seasons, he has watched the years best, learned from the years best and now is on the verge of taking his turn on the center of this years stage.

Miles Unterreiner is a Senior at Gig Harbor High School.

He competed in the State track Meet as a Sophomore and Junior in the 1600 and 3200

He has ran twice at the State XC meet, last year he took 18th place with a 16:11

This performance earned him his first visit to BorderClash.