BELLEVUE INVITATIONAL Robert Mirenzi Sep 28, 2008

Cross Country doesn't get much better than this.  The Bellevue Invitational has been held as the 'go to' event for Washington High School Cross Country.  After a State Parks, scheduling mishap a few years back, the power teams who relied on this mid-season contest to temper their athletes for the end of season, scattered to make other plans.  The Bellevue Invite is just recovering from this minor setback. 

The power teams of the state are showing up again. 



KINGCO PREVIEW Robert Mirenzi Sep 12, 2008

The Newly reformed Kingco 4A league entered the 2008 XC season with a fast a furious jamboree debut.  Lincoln Park in Seattle hosted the race which looked a lot like the Omack Stampede.

The beautiful day bode well for fast times.

The fast times looked more like November than a warm and sunny September afternoon.

Washington State Coaches Membership- CALL TO COACHES- Robert Mirenzi Sep 04, 2008

Washington State Coaches Association is suffering from very low membership. Funding from this group supports inductees to the Hall of Fame as well as coaches of the year. The WSCA awarded almost $4000 in grants for our East West All Star Race as well as funds to put plaques in the WIAA headquarters for all of our past Hall of Fame inductees. Right now there are just 45 coaches statewide who are members. That isn't very many at all. Unless there is a significant  increase in membership, the Coach of the Year and Hall of Fame programs face some significant cutbacks. Please consider joining the coaches association if you haven't already. It's just $35 and there are several other important benefits as well. You can find out more and  print out an application at their website.

SHORELINE INVITATIONAL 2008 Robert Mirenzi Apr 27, 2008

Great weather , great times and great crowds all come together to finally jump start this years cold and wet 2008 Track Season.

Over 80 teams and 1100 athletes join with family, coaches and friends at the premier Northwest Invitational

The talk of the crowd and of the day was the exciting and challenging duel betweeen Ryan Prentice and Mile Unterreiner in the elite 3200M

Jocelyn Minton at Dempsey Robert Mirenzi Jan 25, 2008

Hundreds of top track and field athletes crowded their way into the Dempsey Indoor facility on Saturday to take part in the 2008 UW Indoor Preview. Intended as a college Indoor track and field indoor preview, the Dempsy Preview has become an inter- season stop off for many high school athletes.

Washington State does not host an indoor winter track season and the Dempsey meets have served to keep the regions’ high school athletes tuned for the spring season.

This Saturdays' contest did however have a noticeable absence of many of the top names in High School running.

For those who did show up, the trip was worthwhile.

NTN National Boys Round Up Robert Mirenzi Dec 02, 2007



This was this reporters first time at the NTN Nationals.  I came here fresh from the excitement and pageantry of the Nike Borderclash race fully expecting another well played event, thanks to the able Nike Event Machine and over 50 teams of the nations best athletes,

I was not disappointed.

North Central Boys To NTN Nationals Robert Mirenzi Nov 30, 2007



The Team Is Still the Thing

North Central on the Eve of NTN Nationals
Portland Orergon, Dec 1

MEET COVERAGE Milesplit has 5 men on the ground this weekend.

North Central Boys have been on a long slow climb to the top.  The assent really started 15 years ago when Jon Knight took on the job as Boys XC coach.

During the past 15 years the North Central boys played near the bottom of the heap, plodded through the ranks , seeming to be stuck just below the surface.  This year the North Central boys finally put it all together.  In a season that stated out great and just keeps getting better, they beat their long time rivals Ferris and Mead in regular season meets.  This was the first defeat NC was able to hand to Mead in 20 seasons. The placed first at the NTN Western regionals at Boise, earning them a birth at the NTN Nationals in Portland this Sat Dec 2.The then continued the march thru the season, taking first in the 3A division at the state meet and posting 4 runners on the dominant Washington boys team at Borderclash. 

MEET COVERAGE Milesplit has 5 reporters on the ground this weekend at the Portland Meadows , 6 cameras, video, reports, results, interviews, mud and ice.

Keep checking with us for the latest coverage and updates. 

Thanks to the North Central Squad for bringing Washington to the table. 

Washington Reigns at Borderclash 9 Robert Mirenzi Nov 18, 2007



Photos by Dave Clark


The Washington State Teams brought it today to the Nike campus, wrapped it up in a big box, put a Green Bow on it and brought it all back home.(after watering it a little)

The Washington Boys, lead by Miles Unterreiner of Gig Harbor 14:13 and Jonathan Lafler of Tahoma 14:17, dominated today.  16 of the top 20 runners, on  the Washington Team.   

The Washington Girl, led by 4 time Borderclash attendee, Nicole Cochran of Bellarmine Prep, 16:23 did the same.  13 of the top 20 girls were from, guess where?  WASHINGTON!


Bridget Berg to BorderClash 9 Robert Mirenzi Nov 17, 2007



Take the top 40 runners across all Classes from two of the top HS Running states on the west coast.
Put them all together in a showdown for best of the west.
Drop that showdown in the quintessential center of running.

What you get is Borderclash.  This is the ninth season Nike has hosted this showdown of High School’s best.  Borderclash has grown to be one of the most talked about events of the cross country season.
Borderclash is hosted on the 2.6 k course on the Nike campus in Beaverton Oregon.
Just being there is excitement enough for these young athletes.  The pride and recognition of being the best in their field should be enough, add that to the pleasure and privilege of being at and running at the Nike Campus, a place designed from the ground up to indulge, glorify and proliferate excellence in athletics.

Enter Bridget Berg, Senior, Ballard High School  9th Place 4A State 19:04

Second Year attending Borderclash. 

Andrew Kimpel at Pasco Robert Mirenzi Nov 14, 2007


Andrew Kimpel, Junior North Central High School, 2nd place 3A 16:05
North Central High School Boys, 1st Place 3A

North Central has taken 1st place for the last two years and 2nd place for the two years before.

The Team’s The Thing

Andrew Kimpel is a coach's dream and  a model for every ‘just about average’ runner out there.

Ryan Prentice at Pasco Robert Mirenzi Nov 11, 2007



Ryan Prentice Mt.Rainier 3A Champ 16:01 

Ryan Prentice ran away with the 3A title at the State Championship meet at Pasco.  He finished with a 4 sec lead over Andrew Kimpel of the #3 nationally ranked North Central.  He finished 17 to 30 seconds ahead of the rest of the top flight.

Miles Unterreiner at PASCO Robert Mirenzi Nov 08, 2007
































Miles Unterreiner 4A CHAMP 15:39

Mile Unterreiner participated, witnessed and enabled the completion of a project he started 4 years ago.

In a year in which anyone could do anything, in the race where they were all there, Miles opened and shut the door.

Miles entered the 4A championship race on Saturday , fully aware that he was among a list of 6 or 7 runners who could win the title.
He ran against most of the field in meets and invitationals for the past 4 years.  Jonathan Lafler, Rob Webster, Kelly Lynch, Joey Bywater, Kevin Rosaaen, all these runners had the right game and new how to bring it when it counted.  Saturday, Nov 3, 2007, at 3:45 it did count.

Andrea Neslon at Pasco Robert Mirenzi Nov 08, 2007


Andrea Nelson 4A Champ 18:26

Andrea Nelson , sophomore from Shadle Park again showed the 4A girls of Washington State that she is the athlete to beat!
Andrea ran the 4A Girls championship contest , held at Sun Willows Golf Course on a Sunny Nov 3 day, like she has run every race this year.  She laid out the race early, fast lead, fast middle, fast end. The plan worked.  Andrea posted the fasted course time of the day in all races.


Justin Rose at Pasco Robert Mirenzi Nov 08, 2007


Justin Rose 2A Champ 16:02

At first glance the 2A race at Sun Willows Golf Course, Nov 3 2007, did not appear to offer a showcase of Justine Rose or provide an example of what a top performer he has worked to become.

The race started off with Justine in an unremarkable 6th place, he stayed behind the action until well into the race.  
If fact ,it was not until the 2 mile mark when he decided to make a claim on the race, and the title

Quinton Decker at Fort Warden Robert Mirenzi Oct 11, 2007



Quinton Decker is a Junior at Port Townsend High School.

Quinton Decker set a new course record at Fort Worden of 15:53

Ruby Roberts of Kingston High School broke the course record with 18:10

Andrea Nelson at Richland Robert Mirenzi Oct 09, 2007




Andre Nelson, Sophomore , SHadle Park of Spokane won yet another invitasioal, this week at the high powered Richland Invitational, she took first place with a 30 second lead over the number 2 runner.

Andrea has won every invitational she has entered in this year and has set the course record at Mt Baker.  17:22

Jonathan Lafler at Danner NTN Robert Mirenzi Oct 05, 2007



Jonathan Lafler took first place at The Nike Prenational Danner Invitational at the Portland Meadows on Sat 9/29 . He finished with a time of 15:26.55. Nearly 3 seconds ahead of Charles White of Cherry Creek HS, CO.

Jonathan Lafler is one of the main players in one of the largest groups of state ranked contenders to gather in the Washington State HS distance areana, in a while. He put his names in lights and is now at the top of an ever surprising group of athletes, any one of whom at any race seems to have the right stuff to serve a victory.

Mile Unterreiner at Sunfair Robert Mirenzi Oct 02, 2007




Miles Unterreiner, asSenior at Gig Harbor won the Sunfair invitational with a time of 15:13.1

Miles Unterreiner talked to me about his first place at Sunfair, his race, his season , his plans.

Ruby Roberts at Sunfair Robert Mirenzi Oct 01, 2007



Ruby went to Sunfair this weekend expecting to show up in the top 10.

Looking over the top ten list of Saturdays’ race, this would appear to be a fair prediction.

Ruby entered this race as a test to see how far and hard she could push herself.

She discovered that running with a group of top athletes makes offers you what you need to become one also.


Joey Bywater at Mount Baker Robert Mirenzi Oct 01, 2007



This weekend Joey Bywater ran in the Mt Baker Invitational. He, as always lately, was the favorite to win. Now a senior and a seasoned runner, he has seen a lot of runners and is familiar with many of the courses.


\"I Just Wanted To See How Fast I Could Go\" Robert Mirenzi Sep 26, 2007



"I Just wanted to see how fast I could go."

She’s a Sophomore

She’s in her first year at a new High School

She almost played Soccer!

I asked Ruby Roberts Sophomore at Kingston Senior High about her race plan entering into the Bellevue Invitational at Lake Sammamish last Saturday.


See Kevin Run! Robert Mirenzi Sep 24, 2007

 Kevin Rosaaen came to the Bellevue Invitational this Saturday at Lake Sammamish off a short but important race at the Bellarmine Invitational. The hard 2 mile run ended in a tension filled finish with the top seven guys spread out with less than a second between each of them. Kevin took 6th. It appears, he learned one thing from that race, let them know who plans on winning the race from the beginning.

BELLEVUE INVITATIONAL Robert Mirenzi Sep 18, 2007


SEATTLE PREP BOYS take 1st in VAR and JV

RICHLAND Girls 1st in VAR

SEATTLE PREP  GIRLS take first in JV

  Kevin Rosaaenn,Wilson 1st 15:44.79

  Sam Wegman,Blanchet 2nd  15:56.46

  Ruby Roberts Kingston  1st 17:55.31

  Bridget Berg, Ballard  2nd  18:33.16


Team Administrators Wanted! Robert Mirenzi Sep 01, 2007

Wa Runners desperately needs team representatives (parents/coaches/fans/athletes/ : team affiliates of any kind) to keep your team's rosters and meet scheldules up to date. If your team is not represented on the site, we ask you to PLEASE get involved and help. It just isn't physically possible to keep up with the hundreds of schools and runners in Washington State. [Click above to learn more]

ABDI! Robert Mirenzi Jul 04, 2007


Abdi ran 1:49.9 at the Club Northwest All-Comers Meet tonight in Redmond. His time ranks him #2 All-time in the state of Washington and #3 nationally this year.
He was paced through 600m by former Hale and UW runner Bruce Jackson.
Abdi Hassan’s story has a lot in common with the story of a large group of runners who have found a place in the top ranks of HS athletes.
It is the things that are not common that made this account of particular interest to me.
Abdi’s journey and his attitude toward it is what makes this track star stand out.

Max and Joey SHOW up at NON Robert Mirenzi Jun 16, 2007






























Max O'donoghue-McDonald locks in a sub 9:00 2 mile  8.59.19

Joey Bywater 9.07.50 

Michael Chinchar  4:31.31

Abdi Hassan    1:50.77 

Washington beats path to Foot Locker Regionals Robert Mirenzi Dec 03, 2006

Washington Harriers continue to take what is theirs. After outstanding showings from Ferris and Gig Harbor at NTN meet in Portland, The Washington Boys blazed a decisive second Place, with 49 points behind California\'s 31. Placing Jake Riley of Sehome second and Max O\'Donoghue-McDonald of Prep 6th.These two outstanding athletes are promised a trip to San Diego next weekend.
Washington Boys had an impressive 8 runners in the top 20. This race started out as anybody\'s show and ended that way. Jake Riley, Max O\'Donoghue-McDonald,Joey Byewater,Tylor Thatcher,Dak Reik, Matt Frerker,Micheal Chinchar and Ryan Prentice topped off the WA list.