Ruby Roberts at Sunfair

Ruby Roberts

Ruby went to Sunfair this weekend expecting to show up in the top 10.

Looking over the top ten list of Saturdays’ race, this would appear to be a fair prediction.

Ruby entered this race as a test to see how far and hard she could push herself.

She discovered that running with a group of top athletes makes offers you what you need to become one also.


Ruby started the race as any smart but cautious runner. Early on she shuttled herself into the back of the line of the top 5 girls. Thru the race she deliberatly worked thru the line until the top 3 girls were running together.

The race was a lot of work, the entire 3 mile challenge was consummed with closing the gap between her and the next runner.

She always expected the athlete from behind her to move ahead and win the race. This expectation planted a drive in her that worked well. Expecting as much effort from her challengers as she was prepared to deliver in the end became the ticket for success for Ruby Roberts.

Ruby delivered a blazing finish, providing an exciting display of end of race speed and power to the cheering fans. Ruby heard the cheers, probably intended for her and thought that Kinsey Gomez of Coeurd'Alene, was closing the gap and steeling her victory. Ruby Ran, and she ran fast enough to finish nearly 5 second ahead of her.


Ruby finished the Sunfair 3 mile course in 18:01.0

Ruby is a Sophomore at Kingston Senior HS

Ruby is a 1 time BorderClash Athlete and placed 13th at the State Xc meet.

Next week, she will be running at the Port Townsend Invitational.