Blustery and boggy at BorderClash


As the girls and boys of Oregon and Washington warmed up for the 2007 Nike BorderClash they had two definite things in common: they wanted to win, and they were all very familiar with running in the cold and the rain. The crowd could feel the adrenaline once the cannon was fired and each state took off from separate starting lines, running directly at each other, and then merging onto the main course. The rain and cold air were no longer a factor, and like dedicated runners they focused on the task at hand.


Nicole Cochran leads Washington with her 16:23.70 - Photo by Dave Clark

The girls teams had the honor of running first, and they appeared more excited than nervous at the start lines. “The State Meet is very competitive and you’re running with your team. At BorderClash it’s more relaxed and you’re trying to bond as a state team competing against
Washington,” said Michelle Dettmann (Sr.) from Centennial High School.

There is one weekend of rest for the runners in between State Finals and BorderClash, so for many runners this race is more fun than competition. The race results at BorderClash are always a surprise, and this year was no different. Nicole Cochran (Sr.) from Bellarmine Preparatory finished first, with a time of 16:23. However, Nicole had finished eighth at the Washington State Finals meet. This is proof of the statement made by Kara Goucher, “My advice is to remember that there is always another opportunity. There is always another race,” at the ceremonies the night before the race.

Taylor Wallace (Jr.) from Henley High School finished in second place, with a time of 16:27, and was the first girl from the Oregon team to finish. However, the Washington team held eight of the top ten spots, and won the girls race with a score of 68-144.

The boys’ race started forty five minutes after the girls, and by that point the rain had progressed from a light sprinkle to a heavy rain. This made the 4.4K course at the Nike World










Miles Unterreiner and Jonathan Lafler lead Washington's boys with their 1-2 finish
Photo by Dave Clark


Headquarters even more muddy and mushy than it already was.

The Oregon team seemed confident,” Oregon is the best, Washington is not,” said Samot Turina (Jr.) from Central Catholic High School.

Determined to prove that statement false, first place finisher, Miles Unterreiner (Sr.) from Gig Harbor High School, took off like a bat out of hell. Unterreiner ran 5:12 mile averages and finished the race with a time of 14:13. Bryce Burgess (Sr.) from Jesuit High School has had a great final high school season, and finished fourth with a time of 14:26. A great effort by Oregon, but the Washington boys took the win with a score of 73-137.

In the end the Goddess Nike Statue traveled back to Washington, who won the 2007 Nike BorderClash with an overall score of 141-281. The disappointment of the Oregon teams was overshadowed by the fun of the race, although they did pledge to be victorious next year.