Best field of Washington Distance Runners Ever?

With the 2010 season (school season) now complete and examination of the results has taken place, the question needs to asked…is this the best field of distance runners the state has ever seen?


In the girls’ competition, eleven girls broke 5:00 in the 1600 and one more was at 5:00.17 (Sub 5:00 hand time.) Before the 2010 season there were 77 girls under five.

Here is a list of the sub 5:00 girls this year...

Maddie Meyers, Northwest 4:49.03 (converted 4:50.72 mile, she also ran 4:46.77 indoor mile)

Anna Dailey, Garfield 4:49.14

Amy Eloise Neale, Glacier Peak 4:52.06

Baylee Mires, Mead 4:52.68 (converted  4:54.39 mile)

Ruby Roberts, Kingston 4:53.27

Katie Knight, North Central 4:55.77

Madeline Rathburn, Lakeside 4:55.78

Tansey Lystad, Juanita 4:56.52

Kendra Weitz, Shadle Park 4:57.60

Marisa Vander Malle, Pasco 4:58.44

Annie Moore, Sehome 4:59.97

Hannah Kiser, Wenatchee 5:00.15


The2007 season rivals the 2010 season with 9 girls under 5:00

Lisa Olander, West Valley – Yakima 4:51.05

Nichole Cochean, Bellarmine 4:53.88

Stephanie Marcy, Sequim 4:54.14

Becca Friday, Bellingham 4:54.51

Nikki Codd, Mead 4:56.20

Kesslee Payne, Gig Harbor 4:56.44

Shannon Porter, Hockinson 4:57.51

Andrea Nelson, Shadle Park 4:58.73

Kenna Patrick, Jefferson 4:59.70



The 2006 season saw four girls at 4:50 and faster with;

Megan O’Rielly, Mt. Spokane 4:46.32

Jessica Pixler, Eastlake 4:48.00

Nicole Cochran, Bellarmine 4:49.14

Katrina Drennen, Sumner 4:50.47

4A 3200 meters


The boys’ 3200 competition may also have been the best in history with three runners breaking the 9:00 barrier and another six under 9:10…

Ben Johnston, North Central 8:58.68

Drew O’Donoghue-McDonald, Seattle Prep 8:58.80

Shane Moskowitz, Central Kitsap 8:59.27

Andrew Gardner, Mead 9:01.40

Adam Thorne, Ferris 9:06.11

Allan Schroeder, Mt. Spokane 9:06.80

Anthony Armstrong, Kamiakin 9:07.25

Conner Peloquin, Gig Harbor 9:08.14

Mitchell Briggs, Jackson 9:09.19


No other year has produced three sub 9:00 3200 runners; however in 1983 five runners broke 9:04

Karl Van Calcar, Edmonds 8:55.86

Curt Corvin, Lakes 9:00.10

Matt Donnelly, Renton 9:01.39

Stan Holman, Shadle Park 9:01.48

Jerry Ljunggren, Juanita 9:03.5


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