Brooks PR Invitational Prelude

        Over the course a fair number of runners have received in the mail a golden ticket not to mention a chocolate bar, as a means of inviting them to very special first-time indoor track event.  The meet would be run on the noted Dempsey Indoor Track on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, which is noted for its swift times, already had much going forward simply because of the facility but it did not take long to note that this would be a very special event.  
        We arrived at around 2 PM at the headquarters hotel, a day before the meet was  to take place and already there was the bustle of arriving runners, their greetings and orientation as at any noteworthy event.  After dropping off  our belongings in the hotel room, we promptly went down the elevator & quickly ran into a runner from Oregon, who was hauling away two boxes of shoes, one for training & a set of racing spikes, plus a handful of shirts, bags & whatever.   There was already an air of anticipation, which was fulfilled by an area where numerous runners were making their own individual T-shirts.   There were a dozen logos, slogans & all from which to  choose and one could pick even the color of the lettering.  Want your name on the shirt - no problem but come back in an hour and it will be  ready for you.
        This weekend had the young runners in mind and there was a huge game room for them to relax with a variety of  activities.  There was a temptation to challenge one young man to a game of table tennis  for old times sake and knowing that there was a far better  chance  these days to be more competitive at that than running yet I was the interloper and this was the young athlete’s place.   Of course, if they were not into games, there was a movie room, and currently playing was “Blades of Glory” - our daughter would have been thrilled.   Of course there was a nice lap pool, hot tub, plus indoor fitness center.   For those distance runners, who wanted  to get in a run there was a charter bus that was heading to Green Lake Park, which once hosted the Washington state XC meet or there was another trail along nearby Elliott Bay for those, who wished to run about a half hour later.
        That evening there was a dinner for the athletes and a reception for the parents, coaches & media.   One could actually attend both events  but those  Brooks people were smart to give the  runners more room!  We complied and gave them their space.    Of course there would be ample time for rest later, if one was really into it     The  next morning featured a fine breakfast  of bacon and  eggs plus juices & various pastries for  all interested.  We look forward to the races, as well  the following awards banquet, which will be held at a restaurant by Seattle’s iconic Space Needle.  For the young ladies and guys the weekend is young and has already provided so many grand memories.