Northwest Review - Week Eight

The Alaska state meet was the big news but once again it was controversial, which is a shame in many ways.   The Sunfair meet in Washington produced a number of national caliber performances, while the Summit boys and girls impressed at the Harrier Classic.  The Central Catholic guys traveled to California and ran well in the Palos Verdes Invitational.   Once again there is much to cover with plenty of high lights.  


                                                                Alaska State Meet


      Last year Jenette Northey won the State by the traditional rules, when her torso crossed the finish line first to almost everyone’s clear observation.   Even Jaymi Bethea, who crossed the line second, believed that she had lost but the officials awarded first to Bethea, because the chip attached to her shoe crossed the line first.   An even more egregious decision stripped Molly Callahan of her obvious third place finish due to the fact that her chips came off in the mud even though one would have had to been blind to be unaware of her true placement.   This year the officials decided early that the chip in the foot would determine the winner but unfortunately they did not adhere to their own time schedule.  According to the Peninsula Clarion the girls’ race started fifteen minutes late, which allowed a number of girls waiting at the starting line to become chilled including Allie Ostrander.   Ostrander faded in the race and ultimately was passed late in the race before she slowed to a walk.   (The reason, we now find, is that a girl had fallen in a previous race and hit her head.  The delay apparently could not be avoided but  it's impact was still profound given no one had any concept of, when the next race would begin.  With it, humid, wt & windy, it was a recipe for further problems.)  Allie had dominated the competition in Alaska all season and was the clear favorite.  One never knows how a cross country race will wind up but it is most unfortunate that something like this could happen.  Allie ended up taking a trip to the hospital and according to the Anchorage Daily News , so did two others although for various reasons.   Ostrander walked in under her own power supposedly fifteen minutes after the race was over on Saturday.   Obviously she would not qualify for an award but the state officials disqualified her anyway.   Was that really necessary?   Now it will appear, as if she was never in the race, which does not seem right under the circumstances.

     Megan Edic, who had finished  second to Ostrander at Palmer, had a banner day to win the race in a time of 18:38.   Her time was only four seconds off her best at Palmer, which is an easier course.  With her time she had a three second margin over Lydia Blanchet of West Anchorage.      Audrey Michaelson of Colony claimed third in 18:45 and Bree Mucha of Soldotna followed in fourth with 18:54.   Jenette Northey of Service came home sixth with 18:57 and Grace Graham of East Anchorage earned sixth with 19:01.   Brooke Lizotte of Lathrop (19:05), Mariah Burroughs of Wasilla (19:17), Hannah Stevens of Eagle River (19:24), Sarah Freistone of Dimond (19:25) and Peggy Mathis of Wasilla (19:27) rounded out the top eleven.   Eliza Rorabaugh, who was running in her fourth State meet for West Valley, placed twelfth with 19:35.   Wasilla won the girls’ team race with a low of 61 points, while West Anchorage with 80 and South Anchorage (98) placed second & third respectively.   

     Unlike the girls’ race, which had a prohibitive favorite, the boys’ race was an open affair going in and it was still an open to debate late in the race, when David Francis of Juneau, Kuba Grzeda of West Valley and Max Romey of Service headed for home.  Still in the hunt too was Cole Christiansen of Kodiak but it was Grzeda, who had the kicked needed and he won with a time of 16:01.   Max Romey claimed second in 16:04 and David Francis garnered third with 16:07.  Cole Christiansen followed in 16:08 and there was a fair interval before Mason Minturn of Palmer came home in 16:29.   Levi Thomet of Kodiak placed sixth in 16:40 & Garth Schulz of Service was a second behind.  Jesse Miller of Juneau ran 16:44 to take eighth and Lucas Schlemme of Service was ninth with 16:44.  Tal Norvel (16:460 of Juneau, Isaac Lammers of Chugiak (16:47) and Erich Hoefler of West Valley was twelfth with 16:48.   Service won the guys’ team race with 51 points and West Valley placed second with 78.  The West Valley team’s chances took a real hit, when Peter Noon, who won the Palmer Invitational, placed 44th and was taken to the hospital.   Kodiak earned third with 97 points, while Juneau-Douglas was fourth with 126.   Sadly it as one of those days we can all relate to for Kyle Hanson of Lathrop, who had won the West Valley, Interior & Bartlett Invitationals earlier in the season but placed 20th.

     Kailey Wilson of Kenny Lake gave it a good try in achieving the goal of being a four-time State champion but Elle Arnold came from behind at the end to take the victory.   Arnold’s time of 19:25 topped Wilson by a second and both had a sizable gap over Rosa Schmidt of Nome, who placed third with 19:58.   Bethanne Grace of Service was second behind her in fourth and Macala Fifled of Monroe earned fifth with 19:59.  Grace Christian dominated its competition with a 20 to 97 margin over Sitka, while Seward was right behind in third with 99 points.

    Miles Knotek of Seward pulled a bit of an upset, when he pulled away from Delta Junction’s Andre Ionashku, who had won the Palmer & Cavanaugh Invitationals earlier.   Knotek won with a time of 16:23 to top Ionashku by nine seconds.   Niko Friedman of Sitka ran 16:41 to best defending champion came away with John Klein of Service, who placed fourth in 16:58.   Fifth place went to Matthew Moore of Seward, who ran 17:10.  Grace Christian easily landed the team trophy with a low of 38 points, so Klein secured a trophy fittingly enough.   Anchorage Christian finished second with 78 points and Seward took third with 82.  


                                                                                Sunfair Invitational


        The Sunfair Invitational, held in Yakima’s Franklin Park is run in flights with the top runners of each team taking on their counter-parts from others, so team scoring is less of an issue.  With the number two numbers facing off against their peers and the other positional runners following suite it can make for some interesting racing.     There were a goodly number of quality teams on hand so the flight with each team’s premier runner was especially anticipated.   At the end of the race there were some awfully impressive times with placements that did not seem to match and that was partly because Amy-Eloise Neale and Katie Knight attacked the course early.   Katie set the early tone but Neale stormed home with a course record of 17:03.   When one considers that Brie Felnagle of Bellarmine, who placed sixth at Foot Locker Nationals in 2004, held the former record the time is even more impressive.    Katie Knight ran a superb 17:19 and 2010 Foot Locker finalist Kendra Weitz placed third with 17:49.   Camas freshman Alexa Efraimson followed in fourth with 17:54 to edge Emily Nist of Bishop Kelly in Idaho by a second.   Sara Tsai, a freshman from South Eugene claimed sixth in 17:59, while Kaitlin Kaluzny of A C Davis ran 18:05.   Alexis Fuller of Union, yet another freshman, followed in a strong 18:09 and Marina Roberts placed 9th for Kingston with 18:12.       Sanne Holland of Cheney placed tenth with 18:23 and Stephanie Rexus of Kamiakin clocked 18:27 for 11th.

      With the race set up the way it is Katie Bianchini did not have to race in Neale’s shadow and she took advantage of the situation to win the flight by an18:02 to 18:31 margin over Erin Clark of South Eugene.  Third went to Elise Tello of Eisenhower, who ran 18:53, and Bishop Kelly’s Rebecca Lassere placed fourth with 19:11.  Camas had a somewhat surprisingly strong day and one of the reasons was the first place effort of Austen Reiter, who ran 19:08 among the third flight runners.    Paige Kouba of South Eugene followed in 19:22 edging Marlee Rothschild of Glacier Peak.   Lindsay Sheaffer of Jesuit finished fourth in the heat with 19:34.

        Phacelia Cramer of South Eugene came away with the victory in the flight with the number four runners with her time of 19:28 and Jesuit’s Dylan Hite was second with 19:23.   Alissa Pudlitzke of Camas ran 19:33 for third & was trailed by Brooke Rawlins of Eagle, who ran 19:44.  Lindsay Wourms of Camas led the way for the fifth team runners with her time of 19:39 easily topping the 19:56 of Tahoma’s Delaney Tiernan.   Marren Haneberg of Glacier Peak ran 20:04 for third and Taylor Moscoe of Jesuit ran 20:08.   Moira O’Conner-Lenth of Holy Names placed fifth in the flight with 20:11.

        The sixth runner can be a crucial aspect of the team race and Glacier Peak’s Samantha Northrup was the top runner in the group on Saturday with her time of 20:08.   Mackenzie Peters of Eagle earned second (20:20) and Camille Parsons of Camas was third with 20:29.  Colleen Sullivan of Jesuit was 4th just a second behind her.   Katie Arndorfer of Jesuit topped the runners in the flight with seventh runners and her mark of 20:22 saw her place eleven seconds in front of Carley Strong of Eagle.

      The absence of Nathan Weitz and Jacob Smith was definitely a loss but stalwarts Anthony Armstrong of Kamiakin and Andrew Gardner of Mead put on their own display of fireworks with Armstrong winning the day with a sharp 15:07.   Gardner was only two seconds behind and his clocking was also of national merit.   Gardner, incidentally, won the previous weekend's Mountain West Invite in a course record of 14:38.  Santos Vargas of Eisenhower placed third with 15:15 and Izaic Yorks added yet another fine race to his 2011 collection with 15:24.  Poli Baltazar of Aberdeen edged Korey Krotzer of Auburn Riverside as both ran versions of 15:22.  Sumner Goodwin of Lewis & Clark ran 15:300 for 7th and Nicholas Boersma of Wenatchee came in with 15:33.  Curtis King of Peninsula followed in 15:33 and Justin Rose of Rocky Mountain finished tenth with 15:37.

       Hermiston has one of the strongest 5A boys’ teams in Oregon and Alejandro Cisneros of the Bull Dogs topped all number two runners with his time of 15:53.   Addison Woolsey of Bellevue came in second with 16:08 and Kamiakin’s Keegan McCormick followed in third with 16:09.  Ruben Riordan of Charles Wright ran 16:14 for fourth in the heat and Joe Holvey of South Eugene came in fifth with 16:18.   Jaziel Rodriguez of Eisenhower ran 15:49 to top all comers among the number three runners.   David Goldstone of Charles Wright followed in third (16:00) & Kody Gould of White River added a fourth for his team with 16:03.   Jack Gould of South Eugene placed fifth in 16:03, while Wyatt Didrickson of Eagle & Eduardo Juarez of Hermiston came in 6th & 7th respectively.   

       Javier Velasco of Hermiston led the flight with the number four runners with his time of 16:20.  Of course the interesting thing about Hermiston is that on any given day any one of their top four runners could be their top runner.   Kyle Chapman of Eisenhower came in a second later, while Gabe Harm of Eagle took third in 16:25.  Reilly Bloomer of South Eugene claimed fourth, also in 16:25, and Spike Sievert of Bellevue took fifth.     Max Hampton of Eagle topped the bill in Flight Three (#5 runners) with his 16:21.  Jesuit’s Mark Petrusich  earned second with 16;24 and it was another ten seconds before Zach Selko of South Eugene followed him across the finish line.   Garrett Krall of Kamiakin ran 16:41 for fourth and Camron Pierce of Rocky Mountain followed with 16:44.   

      Nathan Wadhwani of Terry Fox, a team from British Columbia, ran a very strong time for a sixth man with his mark of 16:37.   Ryan Campagnone of Eagle was the first runner in the flight who will affect American northwest rankings and he came home in 16:44 to best Bryant Quinn of Rocky Mountain by three seconds.  Kamiakin’s Taylor Kraal ran 16:56 and David McCaslin of Jesuit ran 16:58, as they placed 4th & 5th respectively.    Christian Rodriguez of Kamiakin led flight one with his mark of 16:44 and Liam Chapin-Jones of South Eugene ran 16:48.   Cory Kondeff of Eagle took third and Ryan Stevens garnered fourth with times of 17:0 & 17:02.  

      There is plenty of time for teams to progress but the top teams on hand Saturday were quite even save the Glacier Peak girls.   This will make the coming month or so very important as very as training.  Still even with the flight by flight races it is difficult to make comparisons, because in a normal race team mates can aid each other by their simple presence and the ability to run in a pack.   Then again not all of the quality teams were on hand:  the Summit girls and the North Central guys are the two that immediately come to mind along with the Bellarmine girls and the Summit boys and their presence will prove most interesting.


                                                                Harrier Classic (Albany, Oregon)


    Bryant Park has seen some impressive runs over its short eight year history and this edition was no different.   We covered Saturday’s race earlier but the highlights bear repeating.   Travis Neuman of Summit obliterated Kyle Boe  ’s record of 15:06  and looked somewhat within himself in so doing, although he admitted to being a bit tired at the very end.  Jackson Baker ran an impressive time of 15:24, which was only two seconds off the former record, yet he was well behind Neuman at the end.  Eric Aldritt of Summit claimed third in 15:39 and Justin Rocereto of Southridge clocked a fine 15:53 just ahead of Nick Obletz of Oregon Christian and Alek Angeli of Woodburn’s mark was 15:55.  Alex Guzman of Woodburn ran 15:58 to make it seven runners under sixteen minutes.    The Summit guys topped Franklin 55 to 153 in a battle of Oregon 5A teams and Crescent Valley was third with 252.

     Megan Fristoe and Ashley Maton went 1 – 2 to head a dominating performance for the Storm girls, who won the team trophy with a low of 20 points.  Prairie of Washington placed second with 101 points and Bend was third with 148.   Fristoe joined the sub-eighteen minute club with her 17:53 clocking, while Maton chipped in a fine 18:09 mark.  Shannon Susbauer of Milwaukie ran a personal record of 18:16, as she continued a fine senior campaign and freshman Piper McDonald of Summit finished fourth in 18:35.   Morgan Anderson had a fine day and time with her 18:39 clocking and Sara Fristoe contributed a strong 18:42 to the Summit cause and was followed by her team mate Kira Kelly in seventh, who ran 18:47.   Brigid Behrens of Corvallis followed in 8th (19:00) and Jenna Mattox of Bend came in ninth with 19:01.  Crescent Valley’s Aiyanna Cameron-Lewis came in tenth with 19:06 and Tess Nelson of Summit finished eleventh with 19:08.

                                                                                Mount Baker Invite


      Jordan McPhee of Mt. Rainier continues to race well and Saturday’s strong 17:16 on the 4880 Meter

Course (2.97 miles) was no exception.    Britanny Gappa of Squalicum placed 2nd in 18:15. Burlington-Edison won the girls’ race with 38 points to top oak Harbor’s 63.  Patrick Gibson of Squalicum led the guys with 15:13.  Tom Bradley (15:22) & Dillon Quintana (15;22) took the next two places, while Squalicum led the boys team results with 62 points.  BE was 2nd with 117 & Oak Harbor took 3rd over Mt. Vernon after its sixth man Stephen Miller placed 57th in the team scoring.


Palos Verdes (California)


     The Central Catholic guys traveled to California and represented the Northwest well with their overall third place finish behind host Palos Verdes.  Like Sunfair the race was flights, so Kyle Thompson of the Rams ran in the top flight of the day and finished third in the flight.  His time for the two mile course was 10:13.40, which was barely behind the 10:13.16 of Sam Peckham of Hart, who placed second behind Jonah Diaz of Palos Verdes.   Diaz broke the course record with a time of 9:48 but Thompson’s time was the third best of the day overall.     Jordan Landstrom of CC ran 10:50, which was good for fifth in flight two.  Andrew Green finished 4th in flight three with 10:48 and Sam Lomax earned 5th in flight four with 11:13.  Dante Dalla Gasperina of Central ran 11:01 for 4th in flight five and Sam Truax garnered second in his flight with a fine 10:39.  Jean Baptiste Tooley added a second place effort for Central Catholic with his time of 11:00.  Rebecca Mehra topped the girls with 11:44, which was a CR.


                                                                Tomahawk Twilight Invitational (Wa)


        Maddie Meyers won again with her zippy 17:40 in the 3A and under division, which was the best time of the day.  Freshman Emily Pettis of Sehome negotiated the course in 18:38 to place second ahead of Katia Matora of Mercer Island, who ran 18:43.   Chandler Olson of Woodinville triumphed in the 4A race with her 18:36 clocking.  Anastasia Kosykh of Eastlake claimed 2nd in 19:01 and Kyra Burke of Inglemoor took third in 19:07.   Keegan Symmes of Skyline battled Steven Statham of Cascade most of the way but Symmes got the nod by two seconds with his time of 15:54.  James Coughlin of Garfield placed 3rd with 16:02.   Brian Masterson of Lakeside won the 3A race with 15:55, while Conner Johnson of Sehome earned 2nd (15:57).  Olympic ’s Matt Lutz came in third with 16:06.


                                                                Curtis Invitational (Wa)


Individuals from Bellarmine Prep annexed the top placements at Curtis, as T J Grant (16:01) & Daryl Phill (18:53) led the way.   Mackenzie Bachmeier of Yelm was just behind Daryl with her mark of 18:54.   Bellarmine with Jordan Thurston adding a fourth place effort in 19:18 & Hannah Derby chipping in with fifth in 19:21 easily claimed the girl’s team title with 28 points to Puyallup’s 87.  Puyallup’s Nathan McLaughlin (16:08), Michael Ottesen (16:17) and Mason Fletcher (16:29) placed 2nd through 4th to led their team to victory of Bellarmine in the boys’ race by a 43 to 51 margin.  


                                                                                Canyon Ridge (Idaho)


      Twin Falls runner Erik Harris ran 17:28 on Wednesday to win the Canyon Ridge race.   Parley Pickett of Burley ran 17:43 to take second.   Twin Falls’ Alyssa Brann (21:46) & Hailey Gomez (21:52) went 1 -2 to lead their team to victory.  Corrine Smith of Wood River earned third with 21:55 and finished almost a minute and a half in front of the next runner.


                                                                                Madison Ivitational

On Friday Dallin Farnsworth of Highland obliterated another course record by rocketing to a time of 15:47 on the City Golf Course in Rexburg.   The old record had been 16:18 and second place finisher Elijah Armstrong of Pocatello was just off the mark with his clocking of 16:18.34.   Olivia Redd of Sugar-Salem edged her team mate Katelyn Hill for the girls' title, as both with time in 19:58.



                                                                                Mile High Classic (Id)


   The race at Challis Hot Springs saw Alice Keller of Salmon earn a victory with her time of 19:52.   Mikesell Clegg of Jerome ran 20:38 took second ahead of her team mate Kayla Green, who eared 3rd.

Tyler Jazkowiak of Challis led the way with 17:24.  Skyline runners Austin Pella (17;46) & Chas Sperry 17:51) took the next two places.


                                                                                NYSSA Invitational (Or)


   Friday’s meet at NYSSA saw teams from Idaho lead the way, as Sierra Manzer of Kuna topped the girls with her time of 19:36, while Cheryn Trapp of Vallivue came home in 19:58.  Tenaly Smith, also from Vallivue, place third.  Vallivue topped Kuna in the team scoring 41 to48.    The teams from Idaho swapped positions in the guys’ race, as Kuna topped Vallivue 54 to 64, while Borah earned third with 73.  Nic Maszk of Baker upheld the state of Oregon’s honor with his first place finish in 16:39.  Ryan Maag of Nyssa ran 16:50 to claim second and Morgan Choate of Vallivue garnered third with 16:57 to top Borah’s Reuben Mulhern by two seconds.


                                                                                Fernhill Cross-Over (Or)


    A quick review of the Mt, Hood/Three Rivers matchup at Portland’s Fernhill Park saw St. Mary’s Academy star Paige Rice run 18:43 to defeat Jesuit’s Adrienne Demaree (19:07)  & Olivia Artaiz (19:45).  The Crusader girls won the team battle 26 to 32, however.   Jesuit’s Hunter McGuirk (16:08) and David Leavy (16:23) led the way in the boys’ race as Kyle Thompson and the Ram runners prepared themselves for the upcoming Palos Verdes trip. 


                                                                McQuaid Invitational (NY)


     The venerable race in Rochester, New York has long drawn teams from Pennsylvania & Ohio as well as Canada and it is a feather in anyone’s cap to add their name to the long list of winners.   The young ladies from Canandaigua have been overshadowed by their powerful brethren from Fayetteville-Manlius and Saratoga Springs but last Saturday they took advantage of the duo’s absence to claim a victory in this classic, which seemingly has gone on forever.   It was after all running, when I was in high school, which makes it old by any standard in cross country.  Kennedy Jensen led the team with a 4th place finish, while team mates Meghan McCormick and Kate McCormick placed fifth and sixth.   Laura Leff of West Genesee  led the way, however, with her time of 17:14 on the three mile course.  Katie limbo of Penfiled placed second in 17:50 & Leila Mantilla, also from Penfield, ran 17:56 for third.    Kennedy Weisner of Elk County Catholic in Pa. led the way in the other girls’ division with 17:50.

     Cameron Bruce of Lansing (NY) had th best time of the day after running 15:21 to top Barrett Kemp of Oswayo Valley (Pa.) (15:30) but Mike Libruk of Shaker (NY not Ohio) won the AAA race with 15:28.  Nate Kozyra (15:31) of Rush-Henrietta &  M J Erb of Victor Central (15:35) earned the next two places. 



                                                                                Great American (NC)


       The Saratoga girls returned once again to the South to claim their 8th straight crown led by Estella Smith, who actually lives in Ballston Spa.  Estella ran 17:54 on the 5K course to lead her team by Haley Pierce of Tatnall in Delaware won the overall crown with her mark of 17:32.   Katie Fortner of Cave Springs (Va.) was not far behind with her brisk 17:35 and Megan Moye (17:42) earned third.   Vanessa Valentine came in a second later and was followed by Julie Woolrath of Florida, who ran 17:51.  Tatnall’s Reagan Anderson placed 7th with 17:55 as Green Hope (NC) runners Erica Amatori and Lauren Colberg also went under 18 minutes.     

      Daniel Moore was the only runner to break fifteen minutes, as he went 14:57 and was followed  by Jacob Burcham, who just missed with 15;00.   Jacob Thomson of Louisville went 15:02 for third and Andres Arroyo of Orlando ran 15:12 for fourth.  It is a bit hard to believe that one can run 15:16 on a 5K course and place fifth but that was the fate of Adam Visokay of S.C. Brian O’ Laughlin came in sixth with 15:21. 


                                                                                Maine Festival of Champions 


   Sadly the meet did not include the state’s top ranked team Bishop Cheverus, so that meant Foot Locker national finalist Emily Durgin & Fiona Hendry, who are the state’s second & third place runners out of the picture.   With them nowhere to be seen that left the field pretty open for Abbey Leonardi, who is a two-time Foot Locker runner.  As expected she romped home alone.  Her time of 18:16 saw her finish over 40 seconds ahead of Erzsebet Nagy, who ran 19:02.  Long suffering Abby Mace, who has had to deal with Leonardi, Durgin & Hendry four years, claimed third with 19:20.   Matt McClintock was hampered by the race conditions, which were slick and sloppy, but like Leonardi he defended his title.   His time of 16:08 gave him a twenty second margin of victory over Mike Tate of Gillis.   Nick Morris of Scarborough ran 16:37 to edge Chase Brown of Boothbay for third by one second.


                                                                Shore Coaches  (NJ)


       This was the 40th Shore Coaches Invite, which was held once again on the storied Holmdel course in New Jersey.    It is considered one of the nation’s most challenging courses and the 1988 standard set by Jason DiJoseph had been untouchable for almost two decades but the times have certainly changed.  Edward Cheserek gave the record its fourth overall since 2006 with his mark of 14:53. It was a stellar performance but the CBA boys’ team made its own waves by shutting out the rest of the field with a perfect score of 15.    In other action at Holmdel Tim Ball won the A Division with 15:39 and Blake Udland won the B division with his time of 15:52 to top Jon Harper by two seconds.  

     Megan Lacey had the best time of the day with her 18:19 clocking, as Dina Iacone (18:40) & Caroline Kellner (18:42) placed 2nd & 3rd in the A Division.   Tara Hanley topped the Championship division with her mark of 18:59, while Dana Giordano led the E Division with 18:45.




                                                                Wheaton North Flight Classic


The race at St. James Farm featured two girls, who had been undefeated but Kaylee Fox of Lake Park won with a time of 16:48.   She, as well as Amanda Fox, broke the course record set in 2010 by Jessica Ackerman.  Emma Fisher of York placed third in 17:14. 


                                                                FlRunners Invite (Fl)


Olivia Ortiz zipped home first in 17:35 to top Brigid Blake, who ran 17:42.  Shelby Davidson was not far behind in third with her time of 17:45. 


                                                                Staub Invitational (Ca.) 


Sean Jesperson of Del Campo secured the top spot on the podium at the Staub meet with his time of 16:07.   Joel Gonzalez of Camarillo placed second in 16:08 and Zachary Wims of Canyon in Colorado followed with 16:09 & then Tyler Mercado, also from Del Campo, came in with 16:10.  Chelsey Totten of Golden Valley was the premier runner among the gals with mark of 18:56.


                                                                Jesse Owens


    Lily Williams, who won at Florida State, scored again here with her 17:29.   Carmen Carlos garnered second with 17:32.


                                                                Bay State Invitational (Mass)


Chernet Sisay of Brookline won the Amherst Invitational last weekend and kept on rolling, as he triumphed at the Bay State Invitational.   His time of 16:29 easily topped Pat Ryan.   Gianna Cacciatore won the girls’ race in 20:05.  


                                                                Marion County (In)

Futsum Zeinasellassie won his fourth straight race of the year with his victory in the Marion County meet.  His time was 15:17, which oddly seemed a bit slow after last week’s triumph at Flashrock in 14:46.   For Futsum the end of the line is another return to Foot Locker Nationals.   Brenna Paulson won the girls’ version with 18:25.    



                                                                Paul Short Invitational (Pa)

 This meet saw a number of the northwest’s old friends running at the collegiate level including Jen Johnson (once of Corvallis), Alyssa O’ Connor (Summit), Annamarie Maag (Jesuit) & Washingtonian Devon McMahon, who is now at Cornell University.   New Yorker Dustin Wilson, who won earlier at Briarville, won with 15:46.  Julie Macedo won the girls’ race with 17:26.





This is not an old race but it has had some very fine races through the years.   Darby Middlebrook scored in this year’s edition with a fine 17:36.   Mitch McLeod led the guys with 15:33. 


                                                                                Orem Kiwanis Invite (Utah)


Emily Rich of Bingham won with 18:21 & her team mate Laura Young claimed second in 15:46.   Haven Shelton annexed the boys’ title with 15:30 besting Brandon Clark of Bingham, who ran 15:36.  


                                                                Midwest Meet of Champions (Ohio)


Adrian Ross won with 15:57 with Nick Pupino, who ran 15:59. 


                                                                Saucony Titan (Co)

  Erin Hooker ran 18:03 at altitude.



Grace Tinkey, a Foot Lcker National finalist in 2010, claimed the Wesleyan Invite with 17:45.



                                                                Desert Twilight  (Az)


Sarah Fakler came in with 17:30, while Rolonda Jumbo placed second in 18:01. Bernie Montoya topped Nick Hartle with his 15:02.