2A, 3A, 4A Washington State Meet 2014

Tacoma, WA

Meet Information


Thursday, May 29

Thursday Field Events

3:30pm 3A Girls Javelin Finals
3:30pm 3A Boys Pole Vault Finals
3:35pm 4A Girls Discus Finals
3:40pm 4A Boys Shot Put Finals
3:40pm 3A Girls High Jump Finals
3:45pm 4A Girls Triple Jump Finals
3:50pm 2A Boys Long Jump Finals

Thursday Track Events

3:20pm WC Combined 1600m Finals
3:30pm 2A Girls 4x200m Relay Prelims
3A Girls 4x200m Relay Prelims
4A Girls 4x200m Relay Prelims
4:00pm 2A Girls 1600m Run Finals
3A Girls 1600m Run Finals
4A Girls 1600m Run Finals
4:30pm 2A Girls 100m High Hurdles Prelims
3A Girls 100m High Hurdles Prelims
4A Girls 100m High Hurdles Prelims
5:05pm 2A Boys 1600m Run Finals
3A Boys 1600m Run Finals
4A Boys 1600m Run Finals
5:40pm 2A Boys 110m High Hurdles Prelims
3A Boys 110m High Hurdles Prelims
4A Boys 110m High Hurdles Prelims
6:15pm 2A Girls 4x400m Relay Prelims
3A Girls 4x400m Relay Prelims
4A Girls 4x400m Relay Prelims
7:00pm 2A Boys 4x400m Relay Prelims
3A Boys 4x400m Relay Prelims
4A Boys 4x400m Relay Prelims

Friday, May 30

Friday Field Events

9:00am 2A Girls Pole Vault Finals
9:30am 2A Boys High Jump Finals
10:00am 2A Boys Javelin Finals
10:00am 4A Boys Triple Jump Finals
10:05am 3A Boys Discus Finals
10:05am 3A Girls Long Jump Finals
10:10am 4A Girls Shot Put Finals
12:30pm 2A Boys Pole Vault Finals
1:00pm 2A Boys Shot Put Finals
1:05pm 4A Boys Discus Finals
1:10pm 2A Girls High Jump Finals
1:15pm 2A Boys Triple Jump Finals
1:30pm 2A Girls Javelin Finals
1:30pm 4A Girls Long Jump Finals
3:30pm 3A Boys Javelin Finals
3:35pm 3A Girls Discus Finals
3:40pm 2A Girls Shot Put Finals
3:55pm 4A Boys High Jump Finals
4:00pm 4A Boys Pole Vault Finals
4:05pm 2A Girls Triple Jump Finals
4:20pm 3A Boys Long Jump Finals
5:30pm WC Combined Throws Finals

Friday Track Events

11:00am 2A Boys 100m Dash Prelims
3A Boys 100m Dash Prelims
4A Boys 100m Dash Prelims
11:20am 2A Girls 100m Dash Prelims
3A Girls 100m Dash Prelims
4A Girls 100m Dash Prelims
11:45am WC Combined 800m Finals
11:50am 2A Boys 800m Run Prelims
3A Boys 800m Run Prelims
4A Boys 800m Run Prelims
12:25pm 2A Girls 800m Run Prelims
3A Girls 800m Run Prelims
4A Girls 800m Run Prelims
1:00pm 2A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Prelims
3A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Prelims
4A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Prelims
1:25pm 2A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Prelims
3A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Prelims
4A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Prelims
3:30pm 2A Boys 4x100m Relay Prelims
3A Boys 4x100m Relay Prelims
4A Boys 4x100m Relay Prelims
3:55pm 2A Girls 4x100m Relay Prelims
3A Girls 4x100m Relay Prelims
4A Girls 4x100m Relay Prelims
4:25pm 2A Boys 400m Dash Prelims
3A Boys 400m Dash Prelims
4A Boys 400m Dash Prelims
4:50pm 2A Girls 400m Dash Prelims
3A Girls 400m Dash Prelims
4A Girls 400m Dash Prelims
5:20pm WC Combined 400m Finals
5:30pm 2A Boys 110m High Hurdles Finals
3A Boys 110m High Hurdles Finals
4A Boys 110m High Hurdles Finals
5:40pm 2A Girls 100m High Hurdles Finals
3A Girls 100m High Hurdles Finals
4A Girls 100m High Hurdles Finals
6:05pm 2A Boys 200m Dash Prelims
3A Boys 200m Dash Prelims
4A Boys 200m Dash Prelims
6:30pm 2A Girls 200m Dash Prelims
3A Girls 200m Dash Prelims
4A Girls 200m Dash Prelims

Saturday, May 31

Saturday Field Events

9:30am 3A Girls Pole Vault Finals
10:00am 4A Boys Javelin Finals
10:00am 4A Girls High Jump Finals
10:05am 2A Boys Discus Finals
10:10am 3A Girls Shot Put Finals
10:30am 3A Boys Triple Jump Finals
10:35am 2A Girls Long Jump Finals
1:15pm 4A Girls Pole Vault Finals
1:30pm 4A Girls Javelin Finals
1:35pm 2A Girls Discus Finals
1:40pm 3A Boys Shot Put Finals
1:40pm 3A Boys High Jump Finals
1:45pm 3A Girls Triple Jump Finals
1:50pm 4A Boys Long Jump Finals

Saturday Track Events

9:30am 2A Girls 4x200m Relay Finals
3A Girls 4x200m Relay Finals
4A Girls 4x200m Relay Finals
9:50am 2A Boys 800m Run Finals
3A Boys 800m Run Finals
4A Boys 800m Run Finals
10:10am 2A Girls 800m Run Finals
3A Girls 800m Run Finals
4A Girls 800m Run Finals
10:35am 2A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Finals
3A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Finals
4A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Finals
10:50am 2A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Finals
3A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Finals
4A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Finals
11:05am WC Combined 100m Finals
11:10am 2A Boys 100m Dash Finals
3A Boys 100m Dash Finals
4A Boys 100m Dash Finals
11:20am 2A Girls 100m Dash Finals
3A Girls 100m Dash Finals
4A Girls 100m Dash Finals
11:45am WC Combined 3200m Finals
12:10pm 2A Boys 4x100m Relay Finals
3A Boys 4x100m Relay Finals
4A Boys 4x100m Relay Finals
12:20pm 2A Girls 4x100m Relay Finals
3A Girls 4x100m Relay Finals
4A Girls 4x100m Relay Finals
12:45pm 2A Boys 3200m Run Finals
1:05pm 2A Girls 3200m Run Finals
1:30pm 2A Boys 400m Dash Finals
3A Boys 400m Dash Finals
4A Boys 400m Dash Finals
1:40pm 2A Girls 400m Dash Finals
3A Girls 400m Dash Finals
4A Girls 400m Dash Finals
1:55pm 3A Boys 3200m Run Finals
2:15pm 3A Girls 3200m Run Finals
2:35pm WC Combined 200m Finals
2:45pm 2A Boys 200m Dash Finals
3A Boys 200m Dash Finals
4A Boys 200m Dash Finals
2:55pm 2A Girls 200m Dash Finals
3A Girls 200m Dash Finals
4A Girls 200m Dash Finals
3:20pm 4A Boys 3200m Run Finals
3:40pm 4A Girls 3200m Run Finals
4:00pm 2A Boys 4x400m Relay Finals
3A Boys 4x400m Relay Finals
4A Boys 4x400m Relay Finals
4:30pm 2A Girls 4x400m Relay Finals
3A Girls 4x400m Relay Finals
4A Girls 4x400m Relay Finals

THANK YOU for your support of this WIAA/Dairy Farmers of Washington/Les Schwab Tires State Championship event. The following information is provided in order to make the experience more enjoyable for you and everyone at the event.

Go to http://www.tacomasports.org/hotels.php#tacoma.

ALL PARKING ON FRIDAY, MAY 30TH: All teams, team vans, team buses, etc., will be required to park in the grass parking lot off of Verde St. Due to School, the front parking lots off of 74th St. will be for event officials, disabled parking, Mount Tahoma staff and students. Parking off of 74th St. will be available after 2:30pm on the 30th.

Buses and team vans will be allowed to park in the grass parking lot on Verde Street. This is the street on the visitors side (eastside) of the stadium. Vehicles will be allowed to load/unload in the parking lot located on the east side of the stadium before proceeding to the grass parking lot on Verde Street. No school parking is allowed on the North, West or South end of the stadium.

All spectators are allowed to park in the parking lots surrounding the school and the grass parking lot off of Verde Street (this is the street on the visitors side of the stadium). Please look for event parking signage. The WIAA is not responsible for vandalism or break-in to automobiles. Please leave no items of value in your car, i.e. wallets, purses, cameras,radios, etc.

Valid high school or middle school ASB card must be presented for student price. Ticket windows will open one (1) hour prior to the first game time of the day. CREDIT CARDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

Adults/Students Without ASB Card $5 $9 $9 $18
Students With Valid High School or Middle School ASB (the actual ASB card must be presented; pictures of ASB cards on cell phones will not be accepted) $4 $7 $7 $14
Seniors Age 62 & Up $4 $7 $7 $14
Children 5 & Under FREE FREE FREE FREE


Artificial noisemakers are not allowed at any WIAA state event; only cheerleaders may use megaphones.

Helium balloons and silly string are not allowed into the facility.

Foam fingers, hand held pom-poms, and small hand-towel sized rally towels with professional printing approved by school administration (a sponsor name/logo on the hand towel is permissible provided it is secondary in size to the predominate school name/logo) are permissible.

Individual schools determine if face painting will be allowed.

All fans must wear shirts at all times (attire appropriate for school functions is expected).

Fans will be allowed to wear paraphernalia during the WIAA state tournament games only if worn or carried in the hand of the spectator into the facility; Boxes/cases or large quantities carried in any manner of any such paraphernalia will not be allowed into the facility; Students will be responsible for properly disposing of such paraphernalia at the end of each contest. If additional personnel are required to clean up any mess resulting from the paraphernalia, the school will be billed for the cleanup.

All participants as well as spectators are expected to demonstrate sportsmanship and respect toward opponents and tournament officials at all times. Sportsmanship medals may be awarded after each game. Spectators who demonstrate inappropriate conduct or actions may be removed from the facility.

Team and action photographs (www.4nsp.com), programs (www.wiaa.com), and tournament merchandise (www.rushteamapparel.com), will be on sale throughout the tournament.

Anyone attempting to enter Mt. Tahoma Stadium with a fraudulent pass will be denied entry and may be subject to criminal trespass arrest. Anyone found with a fraudulent pass inside the facility will be removedand will be subject to criminal trespass arrest.